Gilda Radner was right – It’s Always Something!

During last Fall’s implementation of EZproxy, OCLC’s authentication software, we discovered that the previous URLs supplied by ProQuest in our catalog records to access UCSF Dissertations in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database did not work with OCLC’s software. Typically we can batch update records through a find and replace, but in this case the newer URLs used a different ProQuest number to access the full text of each dissertation which needed to be updated as well.

David MacFarland went through almost 2,000 catalog records to update these URLs, and verify full-text access to each dissertation or thesis. This two-part project surfaced various issues with ProQuest’s metadata which he also addressed. One example: “Modulation of synaptic transmission by psychostimulants and dopamine in the nucleus accumbens,” was incorrectly entered as “Motivation of synaptic transmission . . . “

Alan nominated David for a SPOT award for his updates to the URLs in these records.

Great work, David!

Ms Roseanne Rosannadanna (snl.wikia)

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