Tony Chan, betting on the future

If you’ve worked in the Library for more than one year, you know Tony Chan. He may be a quiet man, but he has probably touched almost every one of our computers at one time or another. Perhaps you’ve seen him making sure quarterly Library Staff meeting presentations run smoothly or tweaking the panel in 201 to get the projector to work right.

Since July 2006 Tony has provided networking infrastructure and desktop support for the Library. A sample of some of the key projects Tony has worked on are:
• migration to at least three trouble ticketing systems, most recently Service Now
• wireless migration upgrades
• hand off of Library managed network management to ITS Engineering
• configuring new computers, and ongoing maintenance
• migration from Library managed email and calendaring to centralized Exchange Email and Calendar

Tony has decided to move on to new opportunities; his last day will be Thursday 8/21. Please stop by the Tech Commons, room CL240 Thursday, 8/21/2014 in the morning to grab a baked good, and join me in wishing Tony well with his future endeavors.

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