Summer Accomplishments and Activities

It’s difficult for any of us to have a full picture of all the work that’s happening in the Library.

Each month, I will post a brief list of our accomplishments and recognize individual achievements by staff members who were acknowledged by a customer or recognized by a co-worker for a special contribution. We also know we may overlook important activities and recognitions but we will plan to feature them in a future update

To begin, this blog post covers July and August but we intend to publish monthly. I hope you are all as impressed as I am with all that’s happening!

Here is a short list of accomplishments for the past 2 months!

  • Wiki@UCSF upgrade was completed by Zach Silveira, Mark Bridge, and Albert Jew on July 23. There are many useful changes. For example, users of the Task feature will see they now include due dates.
  • Michele Mizejewski rolled out improved website menus based on user feedback and staff input. Michele received assistance from many people throughout the Library, and received especially extensive and helpful input from Megan Laurance, Shauna Hannibal, and Sean McClelland.
  • The education librarians—David Owen and Evans Whitaker – held a successful reference management clinic at Mission Bay. This clinic on July 10 was the first in a regular series that was inspired by the clinic model originated by the Learning Technologies Group.
  • We completed our first major upgrade of Moodle since bringing it in house. The successful upgrade on August 2 required significant efforts from Brian Warling, Carson Tam, and Albert Jew. Sean McClelland, Dylan Romero and Liz Taylor are leading the marketing and user documentation for the CLE Refresh.
  • Completed 95% of the annual statistics reporting on schedule. Shout out to Alan Daniel, Bea Mallek, Susan Boone, and Anneliese Taylor in Collections Management and Andy Panado for getting their significant data submitted on time!
  • Polina Ilieva rolled out a new exhibit about the Eric L. Berne Archive: The Birth of Transactional Analysis.
  • Kim Klausner co-authored a paper in the July 21 issue of Tobacco Control, “Transparency as a remedy against racketeering: preventing and restraining fraud by exposing Big Tobacco’s dirty secrets.
  • Several Library staff presented at the UC Computer Services Conference hosted at our campus on August 4 and 5: Michele Mizejewski, Jon Johnson, Mark Bridge, and Rich Trott.
  • Anneliese Taylor has been instrumental in planning and organizing 2 national webinars about the NIH Public Access policy. The first one, offered August 19th, had over 300 people registered, and the second one, being held August 26th, has over 100 registrants.

Staff Transitions

  • Sarah Steinman started August 18 as Night & Weekend Supervisor for Access Services.
  • Kelsi Evans, new Assistant Research Archivist, started on August 4. Kelsi will help with research and other projects related to the University sesquicentennial.
  • Tony Chan will be leaving us on August 21 to pursue new opportunities.
  • Leslie Kleinberg accepted a new position at the EVCP office, which will start October 1.

Staff kudos:

  • Andy Panado handled an angry and disgruntled patron so expertly that the patron came back, apologized, and thanked Andy for his exceptional service!
  • Whit Whitaker received a glowing letter of thanks for his work with a group of summer research students from the Center for Excellence in Primary Care. The students said that their time with Whit was the “most useful experience of the summer.”
  • David MacFarland received a Spot Award for his work on manually updating the URLs and verifying full-text access of almost 2,000 online dissertations.

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