LibCal v2 Launched!

On Feb. 3, we migrated to a new version of LibCal, the Springshare platform that we use to provide things like

  • Study room reservations
  • Faculty carrel reservations
  • Multimedia Workstations and eLearning Studio
  • Music room reservations
  • Tech Commons walkstation reservations
  • Library class calendar and sign-ups
  • Office hours appointments for research consultations with library support people

Just one positive change is that there is now a place for us to enter capacity for a reservable space. This recently came up as a request from the Library Student Advisory Board. We already know that users love reservable group study rooms, but having additional relevant information available helps them make the best room choice for their needs. Thanks to the LibCal upgrade, Andy Panado and Eric Peterson have already implemented this.


We’re all still figuring out the new features and enhancements but a round of thanks goes out to the many people involved:

  • Andy and the Service Desk Team
  • Tech Commons and Learning Technologies teams
  • Education Librarians
  • Rich Trott and Jason Hedrick for help with the APIs that make it all work with our larger website

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