The Many Paths to Open Access

At today’s Library Updates meeting I gave a talk about what’s going on with open access publishing. There’s alot of activity right now around OA publishing as well as some initiatives to transition institutions towards OA on a large scale.

Here are my slides from the presentation, including notes to clarify what’s on the slides:
Many Paths to OA_Library Updates_August 2016

Regarding the Pay-It-Forward project, I wanted to highlight Susan Boone’s  role providing several years’ of UCSF journal payment data to the project coordinator. It was detailed and painstaking work!

A few people said they were interested in keeping up with developments on these topics. What’s the best way to do that, and for us all to contribute? A Slack channel for scholarly communications topics? Posts to this blog? A wiki page? Add your comment below as to what works best for you!

4 thoughts on “The Many Paths to Open Access”

  1. Wiki pages, blog posts, and presentations I think. Thank you for a very informative presentation.
    Is there much discussion on how advertisements reduce costs? I looked on PLoS and they cite $40.00/cpm which I assume means someone must click through on the banner.

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