Website Updates: Searching, Profiling, Making, Reserving

So much happening on the Library website! Let’s dive in, shall we?

New Page: Makers Lab

The web team worked closely with Dylan and Kemi to give the Makers Lab more of a presence on the site. We’re very happy with the new Makers Lab page, and will continue updating it as Dylan migrates content from the old Guide.

New (Old) Page: Reserve a Computer Classroom

When Tech Commons switched to the 25Live platform for classroom reservations, we disabled the old Classroom Reservation form and started sending our users straight to the 25Live home page. This was less than ideal, since users had to go through a search & filter process every time they wanted to view available Library classrooms.

Now that 25Live has enabled direct linking to classroom calendars, we’ve brought back our dedicated Reserve a Computer Classroom page. Hooray for direct links!

Staff Profiles are back!

We mentioned last month that staff profile pages were making a comeback, and we’re happy to report that they went live last week. A welcome side-effect is that a staffer’s profile is usually the first thing that appears when you search the site for a staffer’s name, which is really good for our users and staffers.

Please take a moment to access your profile from the staff directory, and let us know if you have any changes.

All praises due to Service Desk staffer Shauna Hannibal, who alerted the web team to the poor results she was seeing from the Search This Website search box at the top of our site. Thanks to Shauna’s feedback, we’ve made some improvements to the way site search works, and also fixed an issue with code fragments appearing in search results.

Dialing in search is a challenging and ongoing process, so if you’re seeing unexpected or unhelpful results from your site searches, please let the web team know!