Campus STAR Spot Awards

Now that we’ve nominated our colleagues for STAR Achievement Award this year, we wanted to get the word out about the Spot Awards offered through the campus STAR Awards program.

Please consider nominating a staff member (see eligibility list) for a $1,000 STAR Spot Award.

What is a STAR Spot Award?

  • Cash awards designed to recognize significant employee achievements and contributions for a specific project or task over a relatively short period.
  • To recognize achievements and work performed January-June 2017.
  • Nominate from now until June 15 2 (last day to submit a nomination; new deadline!).

How does the nomination process work? 

  • Complete Section A of this brief form and send it to the nominee’s supervisor (included in eligibility list).
  •  In addition to nominating Library staff,  you can also nominate people who work in the Library but report to a different department and/or people from other departments.
  • Supervisors will need to complete some additional administrative data and approve the form for submission.
  • A Review Team (Gail, Jim, Rich) will review nominations and ensure they comply with all policies and then finalize the award.

Is the Library’s Spot Award program still active?

  • Yes, we are keeping our internal recognition program, but have decided to rename it “Thank A Colleague”
  • You can continue to nominate people for a “Thank a Colleague” award by submitting those nominations to Michael Foster as always.

So take a few moments and submit a nomination to recognize a colleague’s noteworthy contribution.

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