Library Space Survey: Coming May 8-21st!

Heads up everyone! From May 8-21st the Parnassus Library will be papered in small surveys asking our patrons to let us know who they are and what they are working on in our space.

Why are we doing this?

We actually know very little about who uses our physical library spaces. We have some data from LibCal and badge-in spaces like the music room, but overall we only capture a tiny percent of the number of people that walk in the door every day. Why does this matter? As the library changes and grows it is important that we understand who is already using our physical library, who is not, and what kinds of activities are taking place here.

What are we asking?

The survey is quite short (only 7 questions) and asks people:

·      Who they are (status/dept)

·      What they are doing in the library

·      Where they are spending time in the library

·      How much time they will be in the library

·      Where they would go if the library was closed

·      Whether they have anything they want to tell us about library spaces

We are distributing paper versions throughout the building (to be handed in at boxes located near the elevators and the front door) and there will also be an online version for people that don’t like paper (or don’t have pens).

Paper version look like this:


Online version is here:

Why would someone fill this out?

Because we are asking nicely! And because they can win one of 3 $50 amazon gift cards.

What about other library spaces?

We wanted to focus just on Parnassus for this survey in order to test it out and see what kinds of information we could gather. If it proves successful we might try similar tactics in other library spaces.

Didn’t we just do a library survey?

Good point! The 2015 Library survey, while useful, was a standardized tool with pre-set questions. While we got some useful information about spaces it didn’t tell us much about who was using our spaces or what people do while they are in the Library. This survey is targeted only towards people who are in the physical space of the Parnassus Library during May 8-21st and will not be widely broadcast via email – hopefully this will help avoid survey fatigue. (Want to look back on the results of that survey? Check out the Tableau link here:!/vizhome/LibQUAL/2015AtaGlance )

Should I take the survey?

We ask that Library employees do not take the survey. As much as we love you we already know who you are and what you are doing here!

Have questions or comments?

Let me know!