New Process for Library Staff to Request Computer Hardware & Software

To improve the process for Library staff requesting computer hardware and software, and to provide tracking, we have chosen to use Zendesk for all requests moving forward from today.

To make sure your requests get routed to the Tech Commons directly, please make sure to select these options when making your request:

  1. Go to
  2. In the first field titled, I need help with: select Hardware/Software
  3. Complete the remaining fields. In the field titled, Affiliation: select Staff
  4. In the field titled, Department: enter Library
  5. In the field titled, How can we help you?: enter as much information about the hardware and/or software you are requesting.
  6. Click the Send button to submit your request

Completing the form with these four fields completed as indicated makes tracking easier.
Post-sale and after digital download of software, tracking of license codes is important for future upgrades or purchases. Ideally, when we/you receive your hardware or software, entering serial numbers, digital download URL’s, license codes, etc. into the ticket will allow us to retroactively look this information up. If you don’t have access to Zendesk, please contact your manager or supervisor to request access.

We are hopeful this new process provides more transparency regarding the hardware and software request and purchase process. If you have outstanding software or hardware purchases, and have not received an email from Zendesk indicating the purchase, please complete your request using the process above.