Library Space Survey – Thanks and Early Results

Well the Library Spaces Survey has come to an end and I am excited to say that after two weeks we received a whopping 850 responses!

A big thanks to Andy, Joanna, and the weekend circulation staff (Art, Aira, Don, Tyrone, Alberto and Mark) for distributing the surveys every day. You papered the place! Also big thanks to Kemi for designing the surveys and making them so attractive. It wasn’t lost on me that the majority of people preferred her beautiful paper version to my boring online form. Finally, thanks to the Assessment Committee (Jim, Gail, Polina, Sarah, Andy, Jason, and Kemi) for their help designing and organizing the survey.

Ok now that the thanks are done, what did we learn? Well because most of the surveys were paper we still need to enter the data from about 200 of them online. Then we need to create codes to classify and analyze the free-text responses. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek based on the data we have so far:

What is your status?

What is your School/Department?

What are you doing in the Library?

Where would you go if the Library was closed?


Stay tuned for a more comprehensive analysis in the next month!