Melvyl Now Works with EZproxy

We partnered with CDL to fix a long-standing usability issue with with Melvyl.

An off-network visitor might be prompted to sign in to UCSF Library before viewing search results. Unfortunately, following this prompt sent the user to our full text information page, instead of giving them an easy way to log in and view the full site.

We’re finally meeting user expectations

The Melvyl/EZproxy integration means off-network users who are prompted to sign in or click a remote access link can use their MyAccess credentials; after signing in, the site will reload as if they’re on the UCSFwpa network.

As with all things MyAccess, an already logged-in user might bypass the sign in form, and see the refreshed site immediately after clicking.

Melvyl Off-network: Before & After EZproxy