Parnassus Library Entrance Redesign Project

The entrance to the Parnassus Library will undergo a redesign to provide better service and improved access to the UCSF community. Based on data pulled from the 2015 campus-wide LibQual Library Survey, the 2017 Library Spaces Survey, and Access Services reports, Chancellor Sam Hawgood and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Dan Lowenstein approved the redesign. A timeline for the project has yet to be determined, but the process is expected to take about one year. 
Here are a few points about the project that we have so far:
What Is The Goal?
  • Take measures within our control to ensure safety of Library staff and the UCSF community
    • Maximize the UCSF community’s ability to learn, work, and collaborate with minimal distraction
What We Know
  • Access to the Library will change
  • Hours will change – the UCSF community (students, faculty, staff, and select affiliates) will have increased access to the Parnassus Library, while public access to the physical space will be limited
  • The Service Desk area will undergo a redesign
  • We will do our best to accommodate exceptions (UCSF patients, non-UCSF guests, event attendees, students from other UC campuses, etc.)
  • We are sharing the news with members of the local community at the next UCSF Community Relations Parnassus Community Meeting on November 28
  • An announcement about the project will be included in the November EVCP Espresso newsletter and all Library email newsletters
  • We will schedule brainstorm and feedback sessions with all affected stakeholders in the coming months to help guide the project
What Are The Proposed Changes?
  • The entire Parnassus Library space (except for the Hearst Room) will be UCSF only
  • The 3rd floor will be a 24-hour work/study space (instead of just the Hearst Room) for UCSF students, faculty, and staff
  • The Hearst Room will be available to the public during daytime open hours
  • paging system will be implemented to provide public access to our physical collection
What IYet TBDetermined
  • When the project will start and for how long
  • Impacts to the Service Desk area
  • All groups that will potentially be affected
What Will Remain The Same
  • Public access to the Mission Bay Library
  • Public access to online resources and services
What Steps Have We Taken So Far?
  • The following Library staff have been recruited to serve on the Parnassus Library Entrance Redesign Taskforce: Kemi AminMichael FosterKirk HudsonAira LipsonAndy PanadoPeggy TahirDavid Uhlich, and Jim Munson (chair)
What’s Next
  • Now that we know this project is confirmed, you have the opportunity to inform its direction. Your feedback will be essential in making this a smooth and successful transition. Follow the link below to sign-up for the first of our series of upcoming Brainstorm/Feedback Sessions for Library staff: Friday, November 17, 2017 | 9 – 10 am: ATTEND >
Each session will include the most up-to-date information as we receive it, time to provide your thoughts and questions, and time to help us design the implementation of the project.