Parnassus Library Entrance Redesign Project

The entrance to the Parnassus Library will undergo a redesign to provide better service and improved access to the UCSF community. Based on data pulled from the 2015 campus-wide LibQual Library Survey, the 2017 Library Spaces Survey, and Access Services reports, Chancellor Sam Hawgood and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Dan Lowenstein approved the redesign. A timeline for the project has yet to be determined, but the process is expected to take about one year. 
Here are a few points about the project that we have so far:
What Is The Goal?
  • Take measures within our control to ensure safety of Library staff and the UCSF community
    • Maximize the UCSF community’s ability to learn, work, and collaborate with minimal distraction
What We Know
  • Access to the Library will change
  • Hours will change – the UCSF community (students, faculty, staff, and select affiliates) will have increased access to the Parnassus Library, while public access to the physical space will be limited
  • The Service Desk area will undergo a redesign
  • We will do our best to accommodate exceptions (UCSF patients, non-UCSF guests, event attendees, students from other UC campuses, etc.)
  • We are sharing the news with members of the local community at the next UCSF Community Relations Parnassus Community Meeting on November 28
  • An announcement about the project will be included in the November EVCP Espresso newsletter and all Library email newsletters
  • We will schedule brainstorm and feedback sessions with all affected stakeholders in the coming months to help guide the project
What Are The Proposed Changes?
  • The entire Parnassus Library space (except for the Hearst Room) will be UCSF only
  • The 3rd floor will be a 24-hour work/study space (instead of just the Hearst Room) for UCSF students, faculty, and staff
  • The Hearst Room will be available to the public during daytime open hours
  • paging system will be implemented to provide public access to our physical collection
What IYet TBDetermined
  • When the project will start and for how long
  • Impacts to the Service Desk area
  • All groups that will potentially be affected
What Will Remain The Same
  • Public access to the Mission Bay Library
  • Public access to online resources and services
What Steps Have We Taken So Far?
  • The following Library staff have been recruited to serve on the Parnassus Library Entrance Redesign Taskforce: Kemi AminMichael FosterKirk HudsonAira LipsonAndy PanadoPeggy TahirDavid Uhlich, and Jim Munson (chair)
What’s Next
  • Now that we know this project is confirmed, you have the opportunity to inform its direction. Your feedback will be essential in making this a smooth and successful transition. Follow the link below to sign-up for the first of our series of upcoming Brainstorm/Feedback Sessions for Library staff: Friday, November 17, 2017 | 9 – 10 am: ATTEND >
Each session will include the most up-to-date information as we receive it, time to provide your thoughts and questions, and time to help us design the implementation of the project.

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  1. It’s my understanding that because we receive State funding, we serve the constituents of the State. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to provide the same level of service we provide to our primary clientele. UCB has some libraries that are closed to the public; and certain resources are restricted due to licensing contracts.

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