Visit to Berkeley Libraries

Last week, as part of a LAUC SF-organized initiative, UCSF Library staff visited UC Berkeley Libraries to meet colleagues, learn more about library services and spaces, and share ideas.

Six intrepid library staff members braved Muni, BART, and surprisingly long walks across the beautiful Berkeley campus to four libraries. We learned about the libraries’ unique services to students and faculty in optometry, engineering, life sciences, and public health. Our colleagues at Berkeley are doing great work and the libraries were full of people on a Friday afternoon (the Engineering Library received 400,000 visits last year!). But it wasn’t all serious library business– we learned many fun facts during our visit:

  • The Engineering library contains a REST Zone: an area designed for overworked students to take a break.
  • The Optometry Library’s collections include unique items like yearbooks and Snoopy prints.
  • The Biosciences & Natural Resources Library contains two dinosaurs: a triceratops skull and a card catalog.
  • The Public Health Library serves several unique populations, including California Department of Public Health staff and students in the online MPH program.
  • Berkeley Libraries sponsors an art lending program: students, faculty & staff can borrow framed prints to hang in their offices.


LAUC is planning to organize more local library visits (+ happy hours) throughout the year and we encourage all UCSF Library staff to join! Some potential ideas for places to visit are the Federal Reserve Bank, the Internet Archive, Stanford, and SJSU. All ideas are welcome– please share your thoughts!

Pamela and Kenneth Fong Optometry and Health Sciences Library, led by Jeff Loo

Kresge Engineering Library, led by Brian Quigley

Marian Koshland Bioscience & Natural Resources Library, led by Elliott Smith

Sheldon Margen Public Health Library, led by Debbie Jan & Michael Sholinbeck

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