Final Word Protocol: Part II

David Krah and I co-hosted and facilitated April’s discussion using the Final Word Protocol. See this blog post from December 2018 for more about the protocol.¬†

What was different from last time?

  • We asked all participants to read two articles total: one overview article and then one additional article (either on air pollution or Hunters Point).
  • We had enough attendees this time to break into two discussion groups. Participants could share their thoughts about a quote in either article they read.

Feedback from the debrief (paraphrased):

  • Nice to sit back and listen to everyone’s thoughts about the articles without feeling pressure to interject or contribute out of turn.
  • It was distracting to hear two different conversations going on in the same room.
  • The quotes selection was slightly lopsided in favor of the overview article (at least for the particulate matter/air pollution group).

Meeting protocols or formats to try next time (or at your next meeting):

Questions for all:

  • Would it make sense to try a meeting protocol at Library staff meetings?
  • What are you tips for productive discussions or meetings?
  • Did the Final Word protocol result in a more equitable representation of viewpoints? Why or why not?
  • Do we think using text analysis protocols like Final Word are preferred for meetings such as Diversity Journal Club over unstructured discussion?

Let us know if you try any of these ideas at your meetings! What are your tips for productive discussions or meetings? Comment below.  

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