Director of Teaching and Learning Technology

Congratulations to Gail, who successfully worked with IT Governance Committee on Education Technology (CET) on a funding request. While we didn’t get permanent funding, we did get one year of money and we were asked to refine our “ask” and bring it forward for consideration next year. Jon Johnson will be working with CET on a Lean A3 process to support the 2020 funding request.

The good news is that this means we will be able to hire a “new Gail”! Jon, Rich, Gail, and I discussed potential roles for this position, and came up with a title of Director of Teaching and Learning Technology, reporting to the AUL for Research and Learning. This person would oversee the Makers Lab, Technology Commons, and Learning Technologies Group (including Scott Drapeau). LLT approved this idea in concept, and we’ve included it in the job description for the AUL, which was released earlier this week.

* note that depending on timing, the AUL may be able to help us refine the position and will definitely participate in candidate interviews.

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