New Catalog of Library Classes Web Page

We just launched a new web page on the Library website! A goal of the Education Strategic Project is to promote Library staff’s teaching expertise and commitment to Open Science. The Catalog of Classes and Workshops page touches on both objectives by advertising the wide range of classes we teach and streamlining access to open class materials. 

With this page, we are able to provide an overview of all regularly taught classes, even when they are not currently scheduled, giving users a better idea of the breadth of our offerings. Many of the classes listed link out to class materials in the CLE. That way, updated class materials will live in one consistent place, which assists both instructors and students. As an added benefit, the editorial work done to create these brief and consistent descriptions on the web page will save instructors from reinventing that text every time they schedule a new session of a class. 

Additionally, the UX Team is working on a project to expand the Library’s expert pages, which will also link to the Catalog of Classes and Workshops page. The expert pages all emphasize the human expertise offered by the library.

A big thank you to Michele and Anna for helping create the web page and sharing their user experience expertise. Thank you to Karla and Ariel for assisting with the DSI class information.

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