Staff Spotlight Series: Kemi Amin

The DI workgroup wants to recognize and celebrate Library staff supporting PRIDE values. Library staff do so many cool things across UCSF and we want to highlight and share those efforts. This is partially inspired by Jim’s 10 Questions series.

In the next few weeks we’ll have posts with Library staff. Want to share something you’re involved in? Nominate yourself or others by emailing anyone on the DI workgroup (current members: Gail, Joanna, Karla, Kemi, Rich, Stephen).

We’re kicking off the series with Kemi Amin, Communications Manager.

What are some favorite parts of your job?

  • Collaborating with Library staff and the UCSF community in implementing marketing initiatives.
  • Empowering Library staff to take marketing into their own hands.

How did you get involved in the Diversity and Inclusion Staff Certificate Program?

Gail actually encouraged me to take part in the training after completing the training herself. I decided to move forward with her recommendation because as a communicator, I felt that it is necessary for me to learn and understand the language that is shaping the diversity and inclusion landscape. Gaining empathy for diverse communities and perspectives at UCSF and beyond not only makes me a better communicator but also a better person.

What was the most rewarding experience for you so far?

The most rewarding experience after DICP is being able to move through the world with an additional lens of empathy. I am better able to identify areas where diversity and inclusion needs should be addressed and I now feel empowered enough to act. I am also more aware of some of my own implicit bias and ways in which I can actively shift. Now that I know, I can’t act as if I don’t, so the experience has definitely made me more mindful and responsible for my actions.

What is an upcoming event that you’re excited about?

7-Minute Stories + Lunch is an event that Joanna and I are producing in collaboration with CLS. It is an evolved version of the Human Library event. After receiving feedback from people in the UCSF community, we transformed the Human Library into a storytelling event where a select number of speakers get 7 minutes each to tell their personal and/or professional stories. I hope this event will add to the energy of change at UCSF by allowing those who may feel unheard to share their experiences. It is free to everyone at UCSF.

How can folks join you or find out more?

Join me in the Library DI Workgroup. They have worked on some really great projects so far and we are looking for new projects for the coming month. If you would like for us to possibly work with your group, contact us! We are also looking for a new co-chair, so if you’re interested contact, Joanna.

Applications for the DICP Fall 2019 program are due on June 7th. To apply, click here.

Photo caption: The graduating class of the Fall 2018 DICP cohort.

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