Makers Lab Expansion

The Makers Lab is expanding into room 355 this fall! The carpets in room 355 will be removed on Monday, September 16. We expect to complete the expansion before the end of September.

Below are main takeaways for Library staff:

  • Staff will no longer be able to reserve room 355 in the Exchange/Outlook calendar starting September 16. If you have reserved room 355 for classes/consultations in the past, contact Michael Foster for room alternatives.
  • The Research Librarians will hold classes and consultations in room 201 until their new classroom space is ready on the main floor.
  • Following the expansion, Library staff are welcome to work on Makers Lab related projects in 355 whenever the Makers Lab is open, Monday – Friday, 10am to 6pm. Keep in mind this will be an active learning space.

What you will you see in the expanded Makers Lab:

  • A VR studio for small group, student, faculty, and staff use
  • 3D scanning station, including more precise 3D scanning technology
  • Metal tables and stools with backrests for classes, pop-ups, and projects
  • Silicone suturing station where students can make (and practice with) their own DIY suturing pads

Over the past 3 ½ years we have seen increased use from across the UCSF community. The Makers Lab has collaborated with the Department of Anatomy, Kanbar Center, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medicine on curriculum integration, wellness events, and simulation projects. Additionally, we need more space to house equipment acquired through IT Open Proposals funding.

Stay tuned for an invite to the grand opening of the newly expanded Makers Lab. In the meantime come and see the space, register for a pop-up, or even propose to lead a pop-up. The opportunities are endless!

Please send me any questions via email, slack, or come up and chat.

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