Makers Lab expert page transformation

The User Experience Team continues to make progress on transforming and updating the Library’s expert pages to highlight key areas where we offer human-centered services. Anyone with a UCSF ID can access articles, but it’s the guidance and expertise offered by Library staff that really add value.

Back in the summer, the improved Data Science pages launched along with Faculty Support and Multimedia Expert pages. For the Makers Lab, we again looked at usage patterns on the existing web page and had discussions with Dylan and Jenny to surface answers to questions like these:

  • what services do you want to highlight most?
  • what kinds of consultations, classes, or support do you offer?
  • what questions are you asked most often?

The result is the updated page that emphasizes people — from staff members who can help, to testimonials from users, to a gallery of images showing all the different people who use the Makers Lab in a variety of ways.



Those questions are always a moving target, especially with the Makers Lab expansion that is happening. Because of this, it’s important to monitor usage and always be gathering user feedback in one way or another. If the Library is to provide exemplary service, we have to keep pace with user needs and expectations. To that end, we constantly collect and monitor user data and feedback and iterate to meet current needs.

Note that the new page retains a focus on equipment and upcoming events and the data shows that those continue to be significant points of user interaction with the page.

Next up

Updated pages for Scholarly Communication and Student IT Support are almost complete, and next up for rethinking will be Searching and Managing the Literature, so stay tuned and as always, let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

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