Ground Hog’s Day 2020

(a rebus)

Dear UCSF Library colleagues,

And no. The answer to the rebus is not ISH Tire Plant (a well-known international supplier of industrial short-haul tires).

I plan to retire from the library on 02/02/2020. Ground Hog’s Day 2020 seems a good day numerically and is one of those “big birthdays” for me. As most who retire, I have a mixture of feelings – sadness at closing a chapter and anticipation of whatever is next.

The litmus test: I knew it was time to leave when I found I was doing all the puzzles in the newspaper (yes, the paper kind) before I did any work; I had always used them as the reward at the end of the day.

I have enjoyed my 7 years at the library and have gained a great deal from working with you all.  I have worked hard, accomplished most of what I wanted to do, and feel I have become good at my second career.

I look forward to feeling less pressure to do, and more enjoyment of the moment.

Wishing you all the best,


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