Exporting User Data from LibCal

Last December, the UX Team surveyed library staff members about Springshare products to gain a better understanding of use and satisfaction with the suite of products. From the survey results, we learned that staff are generally satisfied and mostly use LibCal in their daily work. Since then, we’ve followed up with staff who left additional feedback and made a few adjustments, clarifications, and forwarded comments to Springshare support. 

One of the identified pain points was being able to export all registrant data from LibCal events (e.g., name, email, department, what they’re hoping to learn, etc.). Collecting this type of data can be valuable information for teams to learn more about who is attending events and their needs.

Use the following steps to export all registrant data from LibCal events:

1. Click on Calendars.

2. Locate the Library Events and Classes calendar and click Event Explorer.

3. To bulk export user data, limit your search to the specific Booking Form used for the event.  

Tip: Use the same booking form if possible to make this step easier.

4. Make sure the Show Registration Responses radio button is set to Yes before clicking Submit

5. Select Export Data to download the report.

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