I am very pleased to announce that Dee…

I am very pleased to announce that Dee Dee (Wendy) Kramer has accepted our offer as Manager of the Industry Document Digital Libraries and will begin work on November 9th. Dee Dee currently works at the San Francisco Public Library as an Archivist in the History Center. She has worked in various capacities at SFPL for the past 10 years. She’s had a varied career as a school librarian, manuscripts cataloger, and at OCLC and NYPL

Many of you met Dee Dee at her interview — she is very excited to join UCSF and we will schedule individual meetings with many of you.

Neighborhood Art Gallery A faculty member alerted me…

Neighborhood Art Gallery

A faculty member alerted me to a neighborhood art gallery – the San Francisco Women’s Artist. It’s located at 647 Irving Street and they are having a reception this evening from 5:30 – 8. In general it’s open Tuesday – Sunday 10 -6 and on Sunday from 10 -2. I believe they have a reception once a month.

I was assured that while it’s called ‘women artists’ they do have artwork by men.

Stop by and check it out.

I’m pleased to announce the Library’s new “Greenlight…

I’m pleased to announce the Library’s new “Greenlight Projects” initiative, which will develop staff skills while engaging in meaningful, strategic projects for the Library. Details are below. Feel free to leave comments or questions.

UCSF Library Greenlight Projects

Purpose: Selected Library projects will be designated as “Greenlight Projects” by the Senior Managers and structured to give members of project teams opportunities to develop leadership abilities, acquire new skills, gain greater understanding of strategic issues for the Library and campus, and share expertise with staff from other units. Team members and leaders will be appointed by Senior Managers, based on a combination of skill levels, expertise, interest and availability to take on the additional work.

This program will engage Library staff in projects that provide opportunities to:
• Work on strategic projects and understand a broader picture of the organization (Library or campus)
• Work in cross-unit teams and get to know other colleagues
• Develop skills and a track record as a contributing team member or as a team leader
• Present the work to the Library staff

Projects that are part of this program will have some or all of these characteristics:
• Strategic project for the Library
• Project involves setting up something that we have not done before
• Requires several meetings and steps to attain completion of the project, i.e. has some level of complexity
• Involves working across units in the Library
• Has a ‘Wow Factor’ e.g. visible, innovative, and/or risky

Examples of past projects:
• LibQual
• iPad Loaner Rollout
• Living Room

All projects will have these components:
• Senior Manager champion and guidance to the team leader
• Project deliverable will include a report and/or presentation by the members of the team
• Finite duration, with anticipated completion dates

The year 2013 has come to a close…

The year 2013 has come to a close, and I’d like to share a summary of our accomplishments in 2012/13:
Many of you were instrumental in the development and success of the items on the list. I also recognize that everything is not covered here and the work of everyone is essential as we strive to deliver outstanding service along with new approaches to information access.

I’m looking forward to working with everyone in 2014.


The Library just completed the migration to ServiceNow…

The Library just completed the migration to ServiceNow for ticket tracking. Due to the hard work of many staff this was almost a non event. I know those involved in the project recorded a significant number of hours. This new system will allow us to continue our service excellence to UCSF.

I want to congratulate the following staff for their contributions and especially Leslie for an outstanding job as project manager.

Project manager: Leslie Kleinberg
In-house development: Jason Hedrick
Technical consultant and assistance with launch: John McWalter
Requirements gathering: Andy Panado, Quincy McCrary, and Mary Parke

Assistance with requirements and workflow practices:
Ryan Brazell
Alan Daniel
Shauna Hannibal
Erin Hayes
Polina Ilieva
Gail Persily
Peggy Tahir
Rachel Taketa
Anneliese Taylor
Brian Warling

Great job UCSF staff!!


The Library Strategic Plan for 2012-2015 is now…

The Library Strategic Plan for 2012-2015 is now available on the wiki. It is a brief document but an ambitious plan.


The goals we will attain with the plan are to:

1. Be an indispensable resource for researchers and learners
2. Provide world-class teaching and learning tools
3. Deliver extraordinary customer service experiences for all users
4. Be the Library of the future

The plan is, of course, a living document. It will be expanded and edited over time as implementation details are worked out. We welcome your suggestions about the tactics we’ve identified to achieve our goals. In some cases new roles (and challenges) for the Library are identified which offers opportunities for growth.

Please let me or any of the Senior Management Group know if you have any questions.