CDL profiles AIDS History Project

Through its newsletter CDL “highlights new collections on Calisphere that feature community voices and stories. These collections are made available in close collaboration with local community members and broaden our worldview through the diverse narratives and myriad perspectives that resonate in the collections. Spotlight on the AIDS History Project The UCSF Archives & …

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Website Update: Staff Directory & Profile Pages

The web team has published an improved Staff Directory. The updated directory table can now be sorted and filtered, and fixes a problem with how information from this page displays in search results. We’ll bring this improved table format to the Study Spaces and Computer Labs pages as well. Alongside the improved directory, we’re ready to roll …

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Library Website Redesign – We’d Love Your Feedback

Michele and I are pleased to share the beta version of our redesigned Library website. With a few exceptions (listed below), everything from the current site has been recreated on beta. We’ve streamlined content where it made sense, and made the most sought-after information easier to find. Still to be done: Forms Individual staff profiles …

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Website Redesign: Getting a Handle on Our Information Architecture

We’ve already posted a few times about evaluating and refining our content for maximum scannability (on the web, scanning is the new reading). Today I want to share how the web team is working to better organize and structure our content for maximum findability. In other words, we need to get a grip on our information architecture (IA).

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Database Redux

As some of you may be aware, the Web Projects Team is working to move the current library website off its old Drupal 6 platform and in the process, also improve user experience. One of the most important elements of the Library site is access to databases, so starting next week the databases page will have a new home. Following the example of many other academic libraries, we will be using the assets part of Springhare’s LibGuides. One benefit is that this content will immediately be more usable on mobile devices.

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On Meeting With Experts and Searching for Library Services

A staffer reached out to the web team to let us know they’d had a hard time finding out how to book a consultation with a librarian (or topic expert) at our web site.

We know that a lot of our most crucial content isn’t very easily found, and the web team is working to fix that with our redesign. In fact, while we’re planning to prominently feature ‘meet with an expert’ on our redesigned home page, there are already a few paths to booking consultations on in case you (or a patron you’re helping) need to:

  • ‘Meet With an Expert’ is an option in both the Research Support and Course Support menus, and clicking either link lands the user at Specialized Consulting Services
  • Research Support link appears in the right-hand sidebar on a number of relevant pages, and takes the user to Specialized Consulting Services
  • The Ask Us/Contact Us links are available at the top and bottom of every page of our site, and take the user to our main contact form; in fact, most paths from the Specialized Consulting Services page eventually route the user to the main contact form

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LibCal v2 Launched!

On Feb. 3, we migrated to a new version of LibCal, the Springshare platform that we use to provide things like Study room reservations Faculty carrel reservations Multimedia Workstations and eLearning Studio reservations Music room reservations Tech Commons walkstation reservations Library class calendar and sign-ups Office hours appointments for research …

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