Entrance Redesign Project UpdateIt’s been a few months since the last Entrance Redesign Project update. The committee is …2018/08/03communications, staff general2018-08-03 09:00:05
Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) come to UCSF Library!In case you missed my presentation at the staff meeting today on OKRs I wanted to …2018/08/01uncategorized2018-08-01 16:28:18
Welcome Cat Lu!I am very happy to introduce our new Metadata Analyst, Cat Lu. She will provide …2018/08/01uncategorized2018-08-01 16:23:44
Website Tune-upJust a heads up to let everyone know that some website changes are scheduled to …2018/07/19accessibility, responsive, user experience2018-07-19 13:09:27
Congratulations to Eric!Please join me in congratulating Eric Peterson for reaching milestone with his 15 years of …2018/07/12uncategorized2018-07-12 11:47:45
High School Summer Volunteers 2018Please welcome the five high school students who are volunteering with us this summer!  Three …2018/06/26staff general2018-06-26 11:18:25
Our new Metadata Analyst is Cathleen Lu!I’m thrilled to announce that Cathleen (Cat) has accepted the Metadata Analyst position! Cat will …2018/06/14uncategorized2018-06-14 12:29:35
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is none other than the Library’s Social Hour wrangler, Jon Johnson. And, …2018/06/0510 Questions2018-06-05 11:10:44
UCSF Library GrantathonWhat is the UCSF Library Grantathon? The Grantathon is a three-part series of events that …2018/06/01uncategorized2018-06-01 13:27:32
Say Goodbye to Hollywood …In the words of the inimitable Billy Joel – “Life is a series of hellos …2018/05/30uncategorized2018-05-30 15:10:26
UCSF Library Road Trip to UCM and UCSF FresnoChris Shaffer and Evans Whitaker took to the highway to visit UC Merced and UCSF …2018/05/14uncategorized2018-05-14 11:39:34
2018 Gallup Survey and Coffee HourGallup survey underway I’m happy to announce that the Library completion rate is at 42%. …2018/05/02uncategorized2018-05-02 10:12:29
Constructive Criticism Welcome – Strategic Initiative Marquee ProjectsNow is the time for you to provide feedback and suggestions. Everything is open for …2018/05/01uncategorized2018-05-01 10:23:41
Visit to SFPLThanks to everyone who joined our SFPL tour yesterday! Dee Dee led us through 7 …2018/04/27uncategorized2018-04-27 08:30:49
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Jenny Tai, our endlessly resourceful Makers Lab technician. Q: Where were …2018/04/2510 Questions2018-04-25 12:19:21
Academy Owned PublishingAs we continue our experiment with subsidizing article processing charges for open access publishing, funded …2018/04/18uncategorized2018-04-18 10:30:22
Library Green Team UpdatesOver the past few months, the Library Green Team has been gaining momentum. Our first meeting …2018/03/29community, social, staff general2018-03-29 08:58:47
Safety & Security at the LibraryThanks to everyone who attended our Coffee Hour with Special Guests from the UCSF Police …2018/03/28communications, community, security, uncategorized2018-03-28 09:00:32
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Stephen Kiyoi, manager of the ZSFG library and our resident runner …2018/03/2710 Questions2018-03-27 12:50:47
Alan Daniel’s RetirementPlease join me in congratulating Alan Daniel on his retirement after 28 years working at …2018/03/23staff general, uncategorized2018-03-23 16:36:31
Announcing updated CDL data management toolsWe all know that UCSF researchers produce a lot of data, and that managing that …2018/03/22uncategorized2018-03-22 14:43:22
Leadership Transition at the UCSF LibraryJulia Kochi has let me know that she will be retiring from the UCSF Library …2018/03/19uncategorized2018-03-19 16:15:50
How to Nominate someone for a STAR Achievement AwardAs a follow-up to Chris’s post Nominate a STAR for a $5,000 Award, here are …2018/03/14uncategorized2018-03-14 09:08:25
Cross Unit CollaborationStarting Monday, 3/12/2018 and going through Friday, 6/15/2018, Zach Silveira will be providing support for …2018/03/09uncategorized2018-03-09 11:59:13
Now Hiring: Metadata AnalystHi all, Collection Management is hiring for a Metadata Analyst. This position will provide expertise …2018/03/07staff general2018-03-07 16:41:00
No Meeting Fridays!Wouldn’t you like to have one day a week when you don’t have to go …2018/02/21uncategorized2018-02-21 11:42:10
Nominate a STAR for a $5,000* award!Library staff members are overachievers, and we’re proud of you! We all know someone who …2018/02/21uncategorized2018-02-21 11:32:07
Metadata Analyst position feedbackGood morning! Collection Management is excited to share the Metadata Analyst position for your feedback. …2018/02/05uncategorized2018-02-05 10:14:02
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Sophia Prisco, our no-longer-quite-so-new member of the education librarian team. Q: …2018/01/3110 Questions, uncategorized2018-01-31 12:52:10
RECAP: Parnassus Library Entrance Redesign 2017 Staff MeetingIn the last staff meeting of 2017, we discussed the Parnassus Library Entrance Redesign project, …2018/01/30uncategorized2018-01-30 10:22:54
New Box Folder for Shared Library DocumentsAs we use UCSF Box more for sharing documents, it’s getting harder to find documents …2018/01/30uncategorized2018-01-30 09:01:43
2017 Holiday Party PicsHello from the 2017 Holiday Party planning committee. The pics below were captured at the …2018/01/25uncategorized2018-01-25 13:55:16
Strategic Planning in the UCSF LibraryOn Tuesday, the Library Leadership Team (LLT) met with a facilitator for an all-day retreat …2018/01/11uncategorized2018-01-11 12:14:23
Reminder: Nominate someone for a Campus STAR Spot Awards 2017-2018We’re halfway through the year, so please consider nominating a eligible staff members (see eligibility …2018/01/10uncategorized2018-01-10 11:27:11
A Conversation About Safety & Security with UCSF PoliceTo continue our conversation about safety and security at the Library, we have invited the …2018/01/04communications, community, security, staff general2018-01-04 09:55:29
What Is A Service Designer and Why Do You Care?While writing the job description for the opening on the Web User Experience Team created …2018/01/03user experience2018-01-03 13:03:51
Summon: Beta-no-longer!On January 8, 2018 Summon will become our main search, and the current multi-box version …2018/01/02search, user experience2018-01-02 08:45:42
Summon: New FeaturesSummon has added a few new features since you all gave your initial feedback, and …2017/12/21eresources, search, user experience2017-12-21 17:09:51
David MacFarland Retires December 22David is leaving us for a well-earned retirement. David had been the Operations Manager at …2017/12/15uncategorized2017-12-15 10:36:40
Kaori Takes New Role at UCSFKaori Keller, from the Learning Tech team, has taken a new job at UCSF School …2017/12/14uncategorized2017-12-14 14:29:26
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Rich Trott, our longtime Director of Academic Info Systems. He’s such …2017/12/0610 Questions, uncategorized2017-12-06 12:32:13
Diversity Statement added to the Library’s Web PagesAs a first step toward ensuring that the Library’s diversity and inclusion values are reflected …2017/12/05uncategorized2017-12-05 16:36:46
Making it Easy to Find the Right Library SpaceThe web team is excited to share our new library spaces page, scheduled to launch …2017/12/01design, user experience, web2017-12-01 09:30:21
Campus STAR Spot Awards 2017-2018Please consider nominating a eligible staff members (see eligibility list) for a $1,000 STAR Spot …2017/11/30uncategorized2017-11-30 11:44:25
My debut poetry collection, HANNIBAL, out nowHello dear colleagues, I’m excited to share with you that my debut collection of poetry, …2017/11/27uncategorized2017-11-27 10:52:52
FAQ: Parnassus Library Entrance RedesignWe have compiled a running list of frequently asked questions that we have answered regarding …2017/11/17communications, community, design, staff general2017-11-17 10:00:35
What is the Assessment Committee up to these days?Hi Everyone! As part of our ongoing efforts to build a Culture of Assessment in …2017/11/07uncategorized2017-11-07 09:49:18
Visit to Berkeley LibrariesLast week, as part of a LAUC SF-organized initiative, UCSF Library staff visited UC Berkeley …2017/11/07uncategorized2017-11-07 08:36:40
Farewell, Tab McDaniel!Good news: Tab McDaniel is moving to Barcelona at the end of the year! Bad …2017/11/06uncategorized2017-11-06 09:00:34
Ten Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Rachel Taketa, our intrepid archivist for the Industry Documents Library. (Um, …2017/11/0110 Questions2017-11-01 11:50:27
Celebrating National Medical Librarians Month at ZSFG!ZSFG Library held 5 events last week for National Medical Librarians Month– we received 200+ …2017/10/25uncategorized2017-10-25 15:01:50
The Library Diversity and Inclusion Report is Available!Thank you to all who participated in activities during Kawanna Bright’s visit to gather information …2017/10/23staff general2017-10-23 08:28:21
Open Access Week activitiesIt’s Open Access Week this week, and you’re invited to participate! Even Stephen Hawking is celebrating …2017/10/22uncategorized2017-10-22 23:16:40
Library Brand TrainingThe Library brand materials are a collection of media used to signify and promote the brand and …2017/10/09communications, staff general, uncategorized2017-10-09 09:34:53
Hello Zoom, Bye Bye WebExI am happy to announce that UCSF has adopted Zoom as a campuswide platform for …2017/10/05campus news2017-10-05 08:42:56
Welcome Makers Lab Technician, Jenny Tai!You may remember that I introduced new Makers Lab staff member Jenny Tai back in …2017/10/03staff general2017-10-03 14:47:59
Data Science Initiative – Slides from Staff MeetingHello Everyone! For those of you that missed out my amazing Data Science Initiative presentation at the …2017/09/26uncategorized2017-09-26 11:12:51
Parnassus Library Entrance Redesign ProjectThe entrance to the Parnassus Library will undergo a redesign to provide better service and …2017/09/25community, design, staff general2017-09-25 15:06:31
Library Space Survey Results – A RecapIf you remember back in May 2017 we distributed a survey to all patrons in …2017/09/25uncategorized2017-09-25 11:30:43
Call for Dishware DonationsThe Library Green Team would like the piles of trash from group events to be …2017/09/21uncategorized2017-09-21 16:30:21
Summon Beta Launched, Staff Feedback BreakdownToday we’re going live with our Summon Beta Our home page has been updated with …2017/09/20design, search, user research2017-09-20 10:31:30
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Joanna Kang, our no-longer-quite-so-new Data Science & Marketing Coordinator and FBI …2017/09/2010 Questions2017-09-20 09:05:40
Mt. Sutro Forest WalkSo we had planned a walkabout on the same day we had scheduled a meeting. …2017/09/19uncategorized2017-09-19 14:50:56
Milestone Years of Service – Access ServicesPlease join me in congratulating the following Access Services staff in reaching a career milestone …2017/09/12uncategorized2017-09-12 08:01:50
The Summon Beta is coming…Thanks again to all who gave your feedback on the Summon search experience during the …2017/09/07search, user experience, web2017-09-07 16:55:14
Please Participate in the Diversity and Inclusion Climate SurveyYou should all have received an email from Kawanna Bright last week on Aug. 30, …2017/09/05uncategorized2017-09-05 16:01:17
Welcome Karla Lindquist!I am excited to announce the arrival of Karla Lindquist, who is joining the Data …2017/09/05uncategorized2017-09-05 10:48:02
Community Artifacts for Library StaffYou might be wondering, “What are community artifacts?” Well with all that has been happening …2017/08/29communications, community, design2017-08-29 11:03:40
Library Updates or is it Current Topics?The Library Updates meeting is often confused with Current Topics, but they are actually two …2017/08/25uncategorized2017-08-25 11:50:04
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is our new fearless leader, Chris Shaffer. Now that he’s been here …2017/08/1510 Questions, uncategorized2017-08-15 12:26:20
LibGuides ImprovementsSophia has been assessing and identifying ways to spruce up our guides. She’s primarily working …2017/08/14guides, writing for the web2017-08-14 17:37:04
Diversity & Inclusion at UCSF Library – Recording of Kawanna Bright’s wrap-upHi. For those of you who were not able to attend Kawanna Bright’s presentation today, …2017/08/11uncategorized2017-08-11 17:53:02
Newsletter Sign-Up Forms Now on Library WebsiteThe Library website now features newsletter sign-up for various topics. In the footer on every …2017/08/07communications, design, staff general, user experience2017-08-07 13:05:21
Upcoming Library Staff Photo DaysAll Library staff are invited to sign up to have “professional” (I play a photographer on …2017/08/03communications, social, staff general2017-08-03 11:30:33
Dessertpalooza!UCSF Library celebrates Jim Munson’s tenure as ‘Interim Non-UL’ AND his 30th Anniversary with ‘Dessertpalooza’ …2017/07/31uncategorized2017-07-31 16:33:13
Thank you Library staff!Well, that was fun! It was great seeing all who attended the Jamboree and many …2017/07/24accomplishments2017-07-24 12:32:52
Now Hiring: Makers Lab TechnicianThe Library is hiring for a Makers Lab Technician position. If you know of anyone …2017/07/19support2017-07-19 11:09:07
Default search for catalogBased on staff feedback, tomorrow we will be switching the home page default catalog search …2017/07/18search, user experience2017-07-18 16:19:13
Congratulations to Irene Lau!Charlie Macquarie nominated Irene for a Thank a Colleague Award for her assistance with an …2017/07/18uncategorized2017-07-18 08:53:17
Thank a Colleague Award – Susan BooneMichael Foster nominated Susan for her quick and ready assistance at the Service Desk on …2017/07/17uncategorized2017-07-17 17:37:15
Library Staff Summer JamboreeA friendly reminder to register for the Library Staff Summer Jamboree by this week Thursday, …2017/07/10accomplishments, social2017-07-10 10:30:45
Introducing Kawanna Bright – Diversity & Inclusion ConsultantHappy to announce that Kawanna Bright will be our consultant for Diversity and Inclusion (D/I) …2017/07/07uncategorized2017-07-07 06:06:35
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonHope y’all had some fun over the holiday. This month’s respondent is Ned Raggett, the …2017/07/0510 Questions, uncategorized2017-07-05 13:05:03
Teddy Gomes Presents on Open Access Policy Project Friday July 7As part of the monthly Library Updates series, Teddy Gomes will be presenting about her …2017/07/03uncategorized2017-07-03 09:45:10
STAR Recognition Awards 2016-17The Library Leadership Team is very pleased to share the results of this year’s STAR …2017/06/27accomplishments2017-06-27 16:31:13
Welcome Sophia Prisco!By now I hope most of you have met Sophia Prisco, our new Education Librarian. …2017/06/23uncategorized2017-06-23 22:22:03
UCSF Library’s eScholarship SiteThe Library now has a departmental space on eScholarship, UC’s institutional repository. Departmental spaces – …2017/06/16uncategorized2017-06-16 12:46:26
Melvyl Now Works with EZproxyWe partnered with CDL to fix a long-standing usability issue with with Melvyl. An off-network …2017/06/12authentication, eresources, user experience, web2017-06-12 13:56:23
New Intern at ZSFG!The ZSFG Library has a new intern! Her name is Miriam Avilez, and she’s a …2017/06/05uncategorized2017-06-05 07:45:14
Library Space Survey – Thanks and Early ResultsWell the Library Spaces Survey has come to an end and I am excited to …2017/05/23uncategorized2017-05-23 09:34:35
New Process for Library Staff to Request Computer Hardware & SoftwareTo improve the process for Library staff requesting computer hardware and software, and to provide …2017/05/18uncategorized2017-05-18 14:17:04
Website Updates: Library Site Header & FooterAs most of you know, the Web Team is using an iterative approach to the …2017/05/16design, mobile, responsive, user experience, user research, web2017-05-16 14:30:04
Library Space Survey: Coming May 8-21st!Heads up everyone! From May 8-21st the Parnassus Library will be papered in small surveys …2017/05/05uncategorized2017-05-05 09:17:16
New Makers Lab Staff – Jenny TaiYou may have asked yourself, who is the new person making that awesome withdrawn book …2017/04/28uncategorized2017-04-28 13:59:32
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonHappy Tuesday, y’all. This month’s respondent is Public Services Assistant and key player on the …2017/04/2510 Questions2017-04-25 10:01:48
Campus STAR Spot AwardsNow that we’ve nominated our colleagues for STAR Achievement Award this year, we wanted to …2017/04/14uncategorized2017-04-14 05:54:50
CDL Request for Feedback: Changes to UC-eLinksSome of you guys have already received announcements from CDL about the introduction of their …2017/04/07search, user experience2017-04-07 16:36:37
Improved Hours DisplayNext week, we will be updating the way hours are displayed on the library website. …2017/04/07design, responsive, user experience, web2017-04-07 10:20:26
Library Green TeamHello everyone. Join me on Monday, April 3rd, from 1-2pm in CL201 for the Library …2017/03/27uncategorized2017-03-27 09:55:40
UCSF signs on to the Open Access 2020 InitiativeAs you heard in last Friday’s staff meeting and from the post on the Library …2017/03/20uncategorized2017-03-20 13:16:17
Website Updates: Searching, Profiling, Making, ReservingSo much happening on the Library website! Let’s dive in, shall we? New Page: Makers Lab …2017/03/20search, user experience, web2017-03-20 11:11:43
D/I at the UCSF LibraryIn case you missed the presentation at all staff meeting, here’s the info on the …2017/03/20uncategorized2017-03-20 09:46:52
Nominate Co-workers for UCSF STAR AwardsThe campus recently announced this year’s UCSF STAR Program. STAR awards recognize significant employee achievements …2017/03/17campus news2017-03-17 09:48:10
Staff Engagement Survey Starts Today!You should have received an email this morning from Gallup containing a personalized link to …2017/02/27uncategorized2017-02-27 12:15:46
Welcome Joanna Kang!We are very excited to introduce Joanna Kang, who is the new Coordinator for Data …2017/02/27uncategorized2017-02-27 09:30:22
Adding a PubMed Search FieldAs some of you may recall, earlier versions of search on the Library home page …2017/02/14search, uncategorized, user experience, user research2017-02-14 10:14:10
Website Update: Staff Directory & Profile PagesThe web team has published an improved Staff Directory. The updated directory table can now be sorted and filtered, …2017/02/13user research, web2017-02-13 12:02:48
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonOur respondent for February is Charlie MacQuarie, our first-ever digital archivist. He’s just finishing up …2017/02/0710 Questions2017-02-07 10:48:13
Welcome Ryan White!Hello. In the last two weeks, you probably have seen a new face at the …2017/02/03uncategorized2017-02-03 14:29:31
Welcome Salman Saeed!The Tech Commons has a new employee, Salman Saeed, (pronounced saul mahn). He may be …2016/12/13uncategorized2016-12-13 19:11:33
Welcome Stephanie “Teddy” Gomes!I’m pleased to announce that Stephanie Gomes, who goes by Teddy, will be joining the …2016/12/02uncategorized2016-12-02 08:57:41
MLA webinar at ZSFG Library next weekWe’re hosting the MLA webinar “Beyond Systematic: The Librarian’s Role in Shaping Reviews” at ZSFG …2016/12/02uncategorized2016-12-02 08:52:34
Now Hiring: Data Science Initiative Scientific LeadHi Everyone, The Library’s Data Science Initiative is now hiring for a Scientific Lead! This …2016/11/29uncategorized2016-11-29 10:33:14
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is our one and only Communications Manager, Kemi Amin. Now that she’s …2016/11/1610 Questions2016-11-16 10:38:24
How Well Do You Know Remote Access?Pop quiz time! A UCSF faculty member is on vacation in Maui. She receives an …2016/11/14uncategorized2016-11-14 08:00:39
Library Website Redesign – We’d Love Your FeedbackMichele and I are pleased to share the beta version of our redesigned Library website. With a few …2016/11/07design, web2016-11-07 14:45:53
Welcome Learning Tech Specialist Kaori KellerWe are very excited to introduce Kaori Omori Keller, who joins the Tech Commons group …2016/11/04uncategorized2016-11-04 15:15:42
Andy’s recent trip to Northern England & ScotlandHello! As some of you know, I just returned from a fun-filled 3-week vacation to …2016/11/02uncategorized2016-11-02 12:38:29
Re-Envisioned Moffitt Library Opens Today @ BerkeleyThe renovated Moffitt Undergraduate Library the UC Berkeley campus is open as of today. Basically, …2016/11/02uncategorized2016-11-02 12:22:49
Share your Work on eScholarship – December 6 eventThis event is for Library staff, at 10:00 am on December 6th: Have you been …2016/10/31uncategorized2016-10-31 18:15:06
We are excited to announce that a new…We are excited to announce that a new Learning Tech Specialist will be starting Monday, …2016/10/27uncategorized2016-10-27 08:40:24
Megan Laurance moving on!Megan will be moving on from the Library and joining UCSF’s Helen Diller Family Comprehensive …2016/10/26uncategorized2016-10-26 21:32:50
Great article on Polina and the Archives & Special CollectionsIn case you haven’t seen it yet, yesterday’s issue of UCSF Pulse Today includes a …2016/10/26uncategorized2016-10-26 09:40:04
Marc Andres heading to Riverbed!It was a difficult decision for Marc, leaving UCSF, but he’s accepted a position as …2016/10/24uncategorized2016-10-24 20:10:40
WebEx Training: October 6thMany of us use ReadyTalk for conference calls and screen sharing, but WebEx is the …2016/09/23uncategorized2016-09-23 16:02:51
Open Position: Borrowing Coordinator/Information AssistantAs many of you know, Azar Khatibi retired last June after 40 years of service …2016/09/22uncategorized2016-09-22 13:40:02
Temporary Position for Open Access ProjectsThere is a position open for a temporary, part-time open access projects assistant. The position …2016/09/22uncategorized2016-09-22 11:48:27
The ZSFG Library and Archives has Joined the Team!For those of you who weren’t at the staff meeting, I’m happy to announce that …2016/09/08uncategorized2016-09-08 07:07:48
Library Strategic Plan “Lite”Hello everyone, At today’s Library staff meeting, I outlined our interim strategic plan. Here it …2016/09/06uncategorized2016-09-06 14:57:59
New Learning Technologies PositionNew position open in the Tech Commons! Please share with friends and colleagues who may …2016/09/06uncategorized2016-09-06 09:08:53
Help Test our Search PrototypeMichele announced the launch of our working search prototype in the #website Slack channel last week: …2016/08/15search, web2016-08-15 10:00:52
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonHappy Friday afternoon. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted – guess I’ve been a little …2016/08/12uncategorized2016-08-12 12:31:23
Jon Johnson: 1, Bureaucracy: 0Kirk nominated Jon Johnson for a spot award for his dogged persistence in dealing with …2016/08/11uncategorized2016-08-11 14:05:25
Content Driving DesignIf you’ve joined the #website Slack channel, you may have noticed that last week Tab …2016/08/10design, search, uncategorized, user experience2016-08-10 09:17:43
The Many Paths to Open AccessAt today’s Library Updates meeting I gave a talk about what’s going on with open …2016/08/03uncategorized2016-08-03 18:00:49
Changes prompted by LibQUAL resultsRemember back in February when we shared the results of the LibQUAL Library Survey? At …2016/08/02uncategorized2016-08-02 14:35:49
New position in Archives: Digital Archivist (1-year temporary)We are existed to announce that we have a new temporary associate librarian position open: …2016/07/26uncategorized2016-07-26 11:24:58
Top 10 for SlackersHello everyone! The Slack messaging and collaboration application is gaining momentum. The CKM introduced Slack …2016/07/25apps2016-07-25 09:00:40
Ithaka 2015 Faculty Survey ResultsWhile at the American Library Association meeting in June I attended a session presenting the …2016/07/13uncategorized2016-07-13 17:29:42
Data Services and Assessment Librarian interview – July 18As I mentioned in the staff meeting, we’ll be interviewing Ariel Deardorff for the Data …2016/07/13uncategorized2016-07-13 16:12:21
Website Redesign: Getting a Handle on Our Information ArchitectureWe’ve already posted a few times about evaluating and refining our content for maximum scannability (on the web, …2016/07/07user experience, user research, web2016-07-07 15:21:07
UCSF Library SlackIf you haven’t tried out (or heard about!) the UCSF Library Slack, here’s a short …2016/07/05apps2016-07-05 12:48:57
3D Printing ApplicationsEver since 3D printers were made available in the Library, I’ve wanted to join eNABLE, a …2016/06/30uncategorized2016-06-30 14:14:53
2 Brown Bag presentations: Ben Goldacre (bad science) and Ellen Jorgensen (biohacking)At the Medical Library Association’s annual meeting this year, there were two interesting plenary speakers. …2016/06/27uncategorized2016-06-27 15:18:46
Fixing Library Search — One Box to Rule Them AllThis coming Fall (probably October), the Web Projects Team will begin pilot-testing the Summon Discovery …2016/06/27search, user experience2016-06-27 06:00:44
UCSF Capital Campaign Library ProposalDuring our last staff meeting, I announced that UCSF will be launching a multi-billion dollar …2016/06/14accomplishments2016-06-14 09:00:52
New position: Data Services and Assessment LibrarianWe have a new librarian position open:  Data Services and Assessment Librarian.  Here’s a summary …2016/06/06uncategorized2016-06-06 12:00:09
Database ReduxAs some of you may be aware, the Web Projects Team is working to move …2016/06/03mobile, responsive, uncategorized, user experience, web2016-06-03 14:30:59
Staff spreading the word – Ariel Deardorff, Sarah McClung, Peggy Tahir, and meLibrary staff were busy in May presenting at conferences internationally (!) and locally. Ariel, Sarah …2016/06/02accomplishments2016-06-02 11:29:19
On Meeting With Experts and Searching for Library ServicesA staffer reached out to the web team to let us know they’d had a …2016/06/01support, user experience, web2016-06-01 10:01:02
Tableau 101 for Library StaffHappy Friday Everyone! I wanted to let you know that I will be teaching a …2016/05/27uncategorized2016-05-27 09:59:49
New Web Page for the Tech CommonsWe’re excited to announce that the Tech Commons recently launched a new webpage on the …2016/05/26user experience2016-05-26 16:48:49
Meet Michelle McNeil  In this recording, I interview the Marketing & Communications Assistant Michelle McNeil who started …2016/05/23accomplishments, uncategorized2016-05-23 15:08:03
Welcome Jill Barr-Walker, the new Clinical Librarian at ZSFGJill Barr-Walker is the new Clinical Librarian at ZSFG Library. She earned her MPH from …2016/05/23uncategorized2016-05-23 13:37:53
Content Audit ResultsBack in February, the Web Projects Team put out a call for volunteers to help …2016/05/23uncategorized, user experience, writing for the web2016-05-23 12:28:25
LibQUAL Presentation from Today’s Staff MeetingThe LibQUAL presentation from today’s staff meeting is available here: https://ucsf.box.com/s/u578ofbqhnkuwrnzzdybv6agnt98av8i If you want to …2016/05/10uncategorized2016-05-10 11:23:27
Staff in Print – Ariel Deardorff and Peggy TahirIn April, both Ariel and Peggy published papers but in very different areas.  Ariel published …2016/05/03uncategorized2016-05-03 12:15:31
Improved editing experience for library blogsFor anyone that posts to a library blog, take note that the newest version of …2016/04/21editing, web2016-04-21 10:58:45
Lean and MeanBoth Group Study Rooms and Faculty Carrels recently went on a text diet. The result …2016/04/11editing, user experience, writing for the web2016-04-11 13:18:30
MyAccess for room reservations and classesBig news! For all our services from Springshare, (e.g. LibCal room reservations and library classes) …2016/04/06authentication, user experience2016-04-06 10:44:25
Proposed Library SignageHi Library Staff – I just finished posting some proposed Library signage to the walls …2016/03/22uncategorized2016-03-22 13:29:38
UL Search Update – One Candidate Interview Down, One to GoThanks, all, for the good showing, thoughtful questions and helpful feedback on UL candidate Neil …2016/03/21uncategorized2016-03-21 15:22:42
April 6th – webinar on creating research guides/libguidesHappy Friday Everyone! The UCSF Library is hosting the ACRL webinar “Modern Pathfinders: easy techniques …2016/03/18uncategorized2016-03-18 10:45:49
David Owen – soon to be Man of LeisureAs many of you probably know by now, David Owen will be retiring from the …2016/03/14uncategorized2016-03-14 16:49:46
University Librarian QuestionsHi All – This Thursday, March 17 is the University Librarian candidate presentation and lunch …2016/03/14uncategorized2016-03-14 13:13:57
Gail Persily in the SpotlightOur Gail Persily is featured in a spotlight in the UC IT Blog.  Learn all …2016/03/04uncategorized2016-03-04 12:48:31
How is the Library like Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook?The Library facilitates access, that is, we occupy the space between the product and the …2016/02/22user experience, web2016-02-22 15:08:51
Library Survey ResultsHey Library Staff! Remember back in November when we asked everyone on campus to fill …2016/02/08uncategorized2016-02-08 15:21:42
UL Search UpdateJust a quick update on where things stand with the search for the new University …2016/02/04uncategorized2016-02-04 13:33:54
Call for Volunteers: Help Make Our Site More AwesomeHello Library Staffers! Here’s a wacky statistic: research shows that the typical user spends 10-20 seconds …2016/02/01user experience, web2016-02-01 15:50:48
Accidentally Becoming A Digital LibrarianThis talk by John Resig is too of-interest-to-a-bunch-of-different-corners-of-the-Library not to post on the Library Staff …2016/01/25uncategorized2016-01-25 11:40:39
UL Search UpdateFollowing up from this morning’s Library Staff Meeting, here is some additional info on the …2016/01/06uncategorized2016-01-06 12:44:57
A QUICK & INTERESTING READ A Student…A QUICK & INTERESTING READ: “A Student View of Academic Libraries” http://www.gensler.com/design-thinking/publications/dialogue/27/a-student-view-of-academic-libraries2015/12/15uncategorized2015-12-15 12:40:45
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is none other than our fearless leader, Karen Butter. Got this in …2015/12/10uncategorized2015-12-10 08:39:08
Final 2 MLA WebinarsBefore the holiday break, we’ll be hosting 2 final webinars from the Medical Library Association: …2015/12/03uncategorized2015-12-03 17:32:56
ClinicalTrials.gov Brownbag SessionI recently participated in an online CE course on ClinicalTrials.gov through the NN/LM Pacific Southwest …2015/12/03uncategorized2015-12-03 09:52:10
Easier formatting in ZendeskFor all you support agents, answering tickets just got a little easier. Zendesk now provides …2015/11/17support, user experience2015-11-17 10:31:13
Presidential Open Access Policy – webinars & infoAs you may have heard, the University of California adopted a Presidential Open Access Policy …2015/11/16uncategorized2015-11-16 16:38:46
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonNovember’s respondent is Carson Tam, programmer and father of 2 young’uns – part of the …2015/11/12uncategorized2015-11-12 12:47:51
Zendesk October StatsHere are some statistics from Zendesk comparing October with September. Some of this should be …2015/11/10user experience2015-11-10 13:14:37
Library Survey – Out Now!What is the Library survey? The Library survey officially launched this Monday with an invitation …2015/11/04uncategorized2015-11-04 11:04:17
Skillsoft: Online training for the UCSF CommunityOnline training via Skillsoft had a soft rollout at Sharecase the other week. A wide variety of …2015/11/02uncategorized2015-11-02 16:08:21
More Webinars – Instructional Design and Precision MedicineWe’re hosting 2 more webinars in December: Instructional Design for Medical Librarians on December 2 …2015/10/30uncategorized2015-10-30 20:35:00
UCSF Library’s Caffé Central in the News!I’ve worked in the library for a while now, and if you’ve ever talked to …2015/10/30uncategorized2015-10-30 15:06:08
Citation Alert: Erik Ellestad in The New York TimesErik Ellestad is in this Sunday’s New York Times magazine. Says Erik: “All I had …2015/10/30uncategorized2015-10-30 11:42:17
I am very pleased to announce that Dee…I am very pleased to announce that Dee Dee (Wendy) Kramer has accepted our offer …2015/10/26uncategorized2015-10-26 14:49:16
Personas for User-Centered DesignOne of the Web Projects Team’s guiding principles is making and maintaining digital products with a …2015/10/26user experience, user research2015-10-26 13:15:05
Asking Our Patrons ‘How Are We Doing?’ Part 2Remember way back in July when we announced the launch of a very short satisfaction …2015/10/23user experience, user research, web2015-10-23 13:30:11
Belated Welcome to Stephen FernandezStephen Fernandez joined the Tech Commons team October 5th. Stephen is the second tech providing …2015/10/22uncategorized2015-10-22 21:09:18
Data Visualization webinar (and others)We received support from the PS/RML to host a series of webinars during the Fall. …2015/10/21uncategorized2015-10-21 11:48:16
Zendesk is mobile too!We’ve been using ZenDesk as our support platform for a little while now, so I …2015/10/20mobile, responsive, support, user experience, web2015-10-20 13:23:30
Great Teamwork!As most of us probably know, this morning we came in to find OCLC services …2015/10/16accomplishments2015-10-16 18:14:10
Bazil and Don in front of the library2015/10/16uncategorized2015-10-16 16:23:40
30 Years at UCSF! – Bazil and DonBazil Menezes and Don Ciccone both began working at the UCSF Library in 1984, and …2015/10/16uncategorized2015-10-16 16:21:35
SPOT Award : Alan DanielManaging user access is a multi-faceted set of tasks. Authenticating remote access has several twists …2015/10/09uncategorized2015-10-09 13:52:15
Neighborhood Art Gallery A faculty member alerted me…Neighborhood Art Gallery A faculty member alerted me to a neighborhood art gallery – the …2015/10/07uncategorized2015-10-07 14:49:51
Great Team Work!The UCSF Library is collaborating with four medical libraries on a project to digitize and …2015/10/07uncategorized2015-10-07 14:00:09
Spot Award: Susan BooneCongratulations to Susan Boone for receiving a spot award for her “outstanding work reviewing and …2015/10/06uncategorized2015-10-06 16:37:20
Zendesk: It’s official!Our trial is coming to a close, and over the last week we’ve been gathering feedback …2015/09/25support, user experience2015-09-25 13:08:04
Welcome Marc Andres!For staff who weren’t able to attend the Library staff meeting last week, here is …2015/09/21uncategorized2015-09-21 19:29:12
Rue ’66Don Ciccone, Mark Zanandrea, and Carol Pott all of UCSF will be playing in some …2015/09/18uncategorized2015-09-18 18:21:20
THE MAKERSPACE: We’re Making It HappenImage by Beatrice Mallek   Start with Why It started with an email sent to …2015/09/16accomplishments, responsive, uncategorized, user experience2015-09-16 10:55:06
Zendesk: One Week+A little more than a week ago, our Zendesk Support pilot went live. So far …2015/09/02user experience2015-09-02 11:49:53
Spot Award: Jason HedrickHey! Look at that! Jason got a spot award! Jason was instrumental in the Zendesk …2015/08/31uncategorized2015-08-31 09:59:27
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is our Associate University Librarian and resident star baker, Julia Kochi. Gold …2015/08/21uncategorized2015-08-21 13:12:17
A Big Moment for CLE and IliosI wish to mark an important milestone in our educational technology stewardship at UCSF. This …2015/08/20accomplishments2015-08-20 13:56:29
ZenDesk Support going live!As promised last month, we will be moving to ZenDesk for our support platform starting on …2015/08/19uncategorized2015-08-19 08:45:05
A Friendlier Contact Page Launches Monday, August 24, 2015One of the ways we’re working to improve user experience on our site is by …2015/08/18user experience2015-08-18 14:56:29
What You Need To Know About BigFixToday is August 17, 2015. That makes it the deadline for installing BigFix on all …2015/08/17security2015-08-17 13:10:37
Karen’s Official Retirement AnnouncementThe following is the official announcement from EVCP Dan Lowenstein on Karen’s retirement: Dear Members …2015/08/12uncategorized2015-08-12 10:09:08
Library Overview Provided to Executive Vice Chancellor Dan LowensteinLast month, the Library Leadership Team met with EVC Dan Lowenstein so that Karen could …2015/08/11uncategorized2015-08-11 12:18:57
UC Open Press first article; Public Access legislation (FASTR); UC support for OERHere are some noteworthy events from the world of scholarly communication of late: Collabra, the …2015/08/07uncategorized2015-08-07 12:20:02
Welcome Marc Andres to the Tech CommonsPlease welcome Marc D. Andres to our team as an Operations Engineer starting Monday, August …2015/08/06uncategorized2015-08-06 15:11:35
IT Security Awareness: CopyrightWe’ve been asked inform staff about IT Security Awareness training. The training is both voluntary and …2015/08/05security2015-08-05 08:15:00
Ben Stever moving on!The rumors are true! Ben Stever is leaving UCSF for new adventures. In almost exactly …2015/07/29uncategorized2015-07-29 10:10:22
The migration date to the new Cisco VoIP…The migration date to the new Cisco VoIP phones will happen on Wednesday, July 29, …2015/07/24uncategorized2015-07-24 16:28:34
NEW! Vision, Mission & Values (plus full video)Hi All – Thanks for attending this morning’s staff meeting. As promised below is the …2015/07/23uncategorized2015-07-23 13:48:50
10 Questions (with apologies to Bernard Pivot & James Lipton!)This month’s respondent is Alberto Luna, Access Services Assistant. Alberto mainly works at Mission Bay, …2015/07/16uncategorized2015-07-16 10:40:01
Better support for library users?Over the last month or so, Tab and I interviewed ten staff members representing a …2015/07/13user experience, user research, web2015-07-13 11:53:21
Welcome Back, StefanStefan Topfstedt has rejoined the CKM to work on Ilios and the CLE. Please join …2015/07/06uncategorized2015-07-06 08:35:39
Welcome Lisa, our newest addition to the Learning Tech GroupWe are fortunate to have Lisa Leiva starting on Monday July 6 as a Learning …2015/07/02uncategorized2015-07-02 18:48:23
Asking Our Patrons ‘How Are We Doing?’We’re about to launch a feedback program on the library site, and we’d love your …2015/07/01user experience, user research, web2015-07-01 11:33:33
How to see these blog posts in your emailIt is hard to remember to check for updates in Off the Shelf without getting …2015/06/19uncategorized2015-06-19 17:29:43
Hi All First I would like to thank…Hi All – First, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the staff …2015/06/15uncategorized2015-06-15 11:29:57
Spot Awards Congratulations Art, Andy, Ben and MichaelWeeks ago, I scheduled a two-hour CE course “Finding Evidence: Literature Search Tips and Tricks” …2015/06/04uncategorized2015-06-04 13:34:53
Morning Reading RecommendationAt yesterday’s Current Topics meeting, Anneliese mentioned the issue of predatory open access publishing. I …2015/05/28uncategorized2015-05-28 08:05:33
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is longtime pillar of the library and avid Giants fan, Gail Persily. …2015/05/21uncategorized2015-05-21 09:33:58
Welcome CharlesWhen looking for contract Tech Commons Help Desk staffing, we looked for someone with strong …2015/05/08uncategorized2015-05-08 10:53:48
Even if you’re not a spy…Concerned about secure personal communication? Check out Shauna’s post on Mobilized: Just Send Me a …2015/04/17uncategorized2015-04-17 14:52:08
Take a look at this fabulous new library in MichiganKirk and I recently had the pleasure of spending a day at the new library …2015/04/13uncategorized2015-04-13 10:09:39
The Road to ResponsivenessWe continue to work toward making more of our web presence responsive — that is, able …2015/04/07user experience, web2015-04-07 14:37:57
F1000 Authoring ToolsAs some of you may recall during Daniel Marovitz’s visit to the library last year, …2015/03/25uncategorized2015-03-25 16:16:40
Library News Gets a FaceliftOver the last couple months, library news has undergone some changes that will go live …2015/03/18uncategorized2015-03-18 11:06:01
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is our resident archivist and coffee hour maven Maggie Hughes. Q: Where …2015/03/16uncategorized2015-03-16 12:04:03
Current TopicsHere’s the Current Topics agenda for this afternoon. See you in room 201 at 3PM! …2015/03/16uncategorized2015-03-16 11:47:08
Liz Taylor Moving OnI am sad to announce that Liz Taylor will be leaving us for new adventures …2015/03/06uncategorized2015-03-06 09:17:37
Invitation to Presentation by Ariel Deardorff, NLM Associate FellowOn Thursday and Friday, March 5 & 6, we’ll be hosting Ariel Deardorff, an NLM …2015/02/27uncategorized2015-02-27 14:30:23
This showed up in my inbox this morning…This showed up in my inbox this morning – a cool visualization / infographic of …2015/02/20uncategorized2015-02-20 08:34:38
LibCal v2 Launched!On Feb. 3, we migrated to a new version of LibCal, the Springshare platform that …2015/02/06accomplishments, user experience, web2015-02-06 10:02:02
Valentines for Seniors: A Big Hit!Thanks to everyone who came out today to make Valentines for Seniors! We had a …2015/02/04uncategorized2015-02-04 18:41:11
Article about the new hospitalI knew that there was a brand-new UCSF hospital opening on Sunday and I knew …2015/01/29uncategorized2015-01-29 10:22:18
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Art Townsend, our longtime Access Services supervisor who’s been keeping the …2015/01/28uncategorized2015-01-28 19:40:52
Valentines for Seniors: A Pop-Up Makerspace43% of older adults feel lonely on a regular basis. Is there anything sadder than …2015/01/28uncategorized2015-01-28 17:38:57
This guy took a photo every time…“This guy took a photo every time he saw someone reading a book on the …2015/01/28uncategorized2015-01-28 12:39:39
Can the Internet be archived?Jill Lepore wonders “Can the Internet be Archived?” in the latest issue of The New …2015/01/21uncategorized2015-01-21 13:22:55
For your edification…The Library has purchased the A Book Apart collection for staff use. These are short …2015/01/16eresources, uncategorized, web2015-01-16 15:59:16
UCSF Web Statistics In ContextI was looking up some information about the UCSF network using Wolfram|Alpha and noticed this interesting …2015/01/09web2015-01-09 08:01:02
Welcome Kemi Amin!I am delighted to report that we have a new Communications Manager starting on Monday …2015/01/02uncategorized2015-01-02 13:35:07
Thanks to everyone who made the holiday party…Thanks to everyone who made the holiday party a success! We were blown away by …2014/12/24uncategorized2014-12-24 10:02:12
Search Results Improvements UnveiledThe library site got a new search interface and results display today, and here are …2014/12/01mobile, responsive, user experience, web2014-12-01 16:59:14
Artifact Game ResultsThanks to everyone who participated in the artifact game at today’s library staff meeting. The …2014/12/01uncategorized2014-12-01 13:38:22
Wanted to send comments on the coffee and…Wanted to send comments on the coffee and pastries to the Caffé Central owner? caffecentralsf@gmail.com2014/12/01uncategorized2014-12-01 11:25:02
Library Accomplishments for 2013-14We summarized the past year’s accomplishments in this document to illustrate the progress we have …2014/11/25uncategorized2014-11-25 16:48:22
Sugar Science Website LaunchedAfter waiting for the sugar tax ballot initiatives in Berkeley and San Francisco to be …2014/11/20uncategorized2014-11-20 11:54:39
Hi everyone The annual Library Holiday Part is…Hi everyone, The annual Library Holiday Part is rapidly approaching. Be sure to put it …2014/11/15uncategorized2014-11-15 12:59:13
Get set, go! Coffee stand construction starting…You have likely noticed the area of the main floor of the Parnassus Library sectioned …2014/11/14uncategorized2014-11-14 15:18:44
October 2014 Accomplishments and ActivitiesHere is a brief recap of just some of the highlights of our accomplishments for …2014/11/07uncategorized2014-11-07 15:36:30
Weekend “fun”The “tobacco” team has been working hard to totally revamp the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library …2014/11/07accomplishments, uncategorized2014-11-07 14:33:40
Come hear the music play …… or better yet, come play the music yourself. Thanks to the donation of a …2014/11/06uncategorized2014-11-06 17:38:02
Just a quick note November is coming up…Just a quick note, November is coming up and I’m going to try, for the …2014/10/29uncategorized2014-10-29 16:47:57
Captions and SortingHave you ever had trouble quickly identifying a particular volume of a title in the …2014/10/29uncategorized2014-10-29 13:55:13
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Rebecca Tang, our LTDL programmer mom. The photo to the left …2014/10/29uncategorized2014-10-29 13:47:50
Changing the world, with open accessPerhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but yesterday’s Open Access – it’s up to …2014/10/24uncategorized2014-10-24 15:40:40
Trading SpacesEarlier this week, Susan and I moved to new office spaces. Susan is now in …2014/10/24uncategorized2014-10-24 09:37:14
Ithaka S+R Survey Results for UCHere is the full slide deck from the Ithaka S+R UC local survey results presentation …2014/10/22uncategorized2014-10-22 13:40:58
Webinar: Keyword Search = “Improve Discovery Systems”If you’re interested in the National Information Standards Organization webinar below, come to room 119 …2014/10/17eresources, user experience, web2014-10-17 15:01:00
Open Access Week Events Next WeekOctober 20-26 is International Open Access Week, and as usual there are plenty of activities …2014/10/16uncategorized2014-10-16 14:49:05
Susan’s New RoleI am very pleased to announce that Susan Boone is now Technical Services Operations Manager …2014/10/14uncategorized2014-10-14 16:05:59
October is National Medical Library/Librarians MonthThanks to the combined efforts of Liz, Sean, Michele, with admirable back up from Gail …2014/10/14uncategorized2014-10-14 14:42:32
The CKM Parent Collective Gets Another MemberMark Bridge and his wife Amy are the proud parents of Anna Macy Bridge. Anna …2014/10/14uncategorized2014-10-14 08:06:47
Michele and I have been working on refining…Michele and I have been working on refining the search functionality on the LIbrary website. …2014/10/13uncategorized2014-10-13 16:02:32
Who is that person who keeps saying ‘hi’ to me in the hallway?We now have a profile list on this site where you can put a name …2014/10/10uncategorized2014-10-10 14:33:23
September 2014 AccomplishmentsHere is a brief recap of just some of the highlights of our accomplishments for …2014/10/10accomplishments2014-10-10 09:31:14
Steven Williams moving on to UC BerkeleyWe have been very fortunate to have Steven Williams here the last 2 years, leading …2014/10/07uncategorized2014-10-07 09:49:51
The Library is currently recruiting for a Communications…The Library is currently recruiting for a Communications Coordinator to ensure that the UCSF Library’s …2014/10/02uncategorized2014-10-02 12:15:27
Here is a link to the Powerpoint that…Here is a link to the Powerpoint that Kirk put together about Mission Hall. https://ucsf.box.com/s/wfy6lwmxs5uat0casfd12014/09/29uncategorized2014-09-29 13:35:23
Books Books Books!Every month you can find new and exciting books in the Popular Reading Collection on …2014/09/22uncategorized2014-09-22 14:20:38
Read or post on a mobile device tooOne more thing I forgot to mention at the staff meeting today. You can also …2014/09/18uncategorized2014-09-18 16:06:39
Thanks for bearing with me though my presentation…Thanks for bearing with me though my presentation on redcap at the staff meeting today, …2014/09/18uncategorized2014-09-18 15:37:54
Anyone have a seat to the Happy documentary…Anyone have a seat to the Happy documentary screening on campus tonight that they aren’t …2014/09/18uncategorized2014-09-18 15:29:52
I’m curious to know whether we have received…I’m curious to know whether we have received feedback from our patrons as to why …2014/09/17uncategorized2014-09-17 14:06:03
“Living Room” a Success?I thought I would share the poster I presented last month at the Association of …2014/09/17uncategorized2014-09-17 13:02:09
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonHappy Friday!  This month’s questionee is David MacFarland, Collection Management’s jack of all trades and, …2014/09/12uncategorized2014-09-12 11:16:46
Interested in what Megan and others like her do?Megan will be part of a panel, along with colleagues from USC and UCSD, talking …2014/09/11uncategorized2014-09-11 15:20:25
A More Fluid WebIn the early days of mobile, most websites either ignored small screens (resulting in many …2014/09/04responsive, user experience2014-09-04 17:45:25
Richenda Brim is the new Head of Preservation at Stanford University LibrariesI’m excited to share the news that Richenda Brim will be returning to the bay …2014/08/26uncategorized2014-08-26 11:24:49
Baby Shower for Mark Bridge & AmyMark Bridge and his wife Amy are expecting their first child in October! We’ll be …2014/08/25uncategorized2014-08-25 08:10:40
New Alias for PubMed@UCSFWe recently requested a new alias for PubMed@UCSF: pubmed.ucsf.edu This alias will resolve to the …2014/08/22uncategorized2014-08-22 14:16:42
Summer Accomplishments and ActivitiesIt’s difficult for any of us to have a full picture of all the work …2014/08/21uncategorized2014-08-21 08:49:11
Tony Chan, betting on the futureIf you’ve worked in the Library for more than one year, you know Tony Chan. …2014/08/14uncategorized2014-08-14 13:26:50
Leslie Kleinberg Moving on Up – to the EVCP OfficeLeslie Kleinberg has accepted the position of Administrative Specialist in the Executive Vice Chancellor and …2014/08/07uncategorized2014-08-07 14:11:19
Gilda Radner was right – It’s Always Something!During last Fall’s implementation of EZproxy, OCLC’s authentication software, we discovered that the previous URLs …2014/08/07uncategorized2014-08-07 10:36:39
Welcome Kelsi Evans to the Archives & Special CollectionsAs you all know in 2014-2015 the UCSF is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Our new …2014/08/04uncategorized2014-08-04 17:40:36
Have a Mobile Phone?Then you can’t afford to miss these recent posts on Mobilized by Tony and Ben: Lock …2014/07/22authentication, security2014-07-22 13:47:52
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Kim Klausner, manager of our ever-growing industry documents archive. Q: Where …2014/07/22uncategorized2014-07-22 13:13:33
Website Header UpdateA couple weeks ago, we shared an idea for how the header area of the …2014/07/22user experience, web2014-07-22 11:26:19
This is why you should not miss coffee hour 🙂I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Thank you Andy for your awesomely fun fruit …2014/07/11uncategorized2014-07-11 14:35:58
Website Menus, Phase 2The next set of changes for the Library menus is now available for everyone’s review …2014/07/08uncategorized2014-07-08 15:47:11
Ben's Master's adventure…starts August 2014 at the University of San Francisco and finishes 27 months later! Ben …2014/07/01uncategorized2014-07-01 14:31:18
New menus are live!The new menus we’ve been discussing went live this morning. The goal is make it …2014/06/30user experience, web2014-06-30 08:40:05
Happy Retirement, Jubeda!This week, we bid a fond farewell to Jubeda Azam. Most of us know Jubeda …2014/06/27uncategorized2014-06-27 16:20:14
Popular Links UpdatedAs some of you have noticed, the Popular Links on the web site have been …2014/06/25user experience, web2014-06-25 07:55:34
New Staff Lending LibraryHey folks – we’ve established a staff lending library on the shelves just outside of …2014/06/19uncategorized2014-06-19 11:19:52
Web Guiding Principles and New MenusAt todays staff meeting, Rich and I outlined the guiding principles that have been informing …2014/06/18user experience, web2014-06-18 17:36:01
Quincy McCrary – off to NDNU!Quincy McCrary has accepted a position at the Notre Dame De Namur University (located in …2014/06/14uncategorized2014-06-14 09:21:07
NEW PATRON SERVICE STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES New standards…NEW PATRON SERVICE STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES New standards and guidelines for patron service interactions were …2014/06/04uncategorized2014-06-04 19:22:25
Paws for a Break!Happy Friday everyone! The library is again partnering with the Student Activity Center for the …2014/05/30uncategorized2014-05-30 07:50:16
Current Topics: Research Data Management SymposiumJulia Kochi attended the Research Data Management Symposium hosted by the NN/LM Middle Atlantic Region. …2014/05/28uncategorized2014-05-28 10:40:50
Erin Hayes Heading off to China BasinErin Hayes, web & marketing assistant extraordinaire, has accepted a new position (Programs Analyst) at …2014/05/21uncategorized2014-05-21 18:37:33
Library Staff Help Students Get “Happy”Last month, a group of School of Medicine students produced a short music video to …2014/05/14uncategorized2014-05-14 10:56:41
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonThis month’s questionee is our colorful education librarian and erstwhile physician with the double name …2014/05/12uncategorized2014-05-12 12:31:09
Need Something New to Read?Here’s just a sample of the new titles added to the Popular Reading Collection on …2014/05/12uncategorized2014-05-12 09:11:46
Publishing & Open AccessBased on feedback from users, the section on the Library web formerly called “Scholarly Publishing” …2014/05/06user experience2014-05-06 14:46:41
Spot Award: Congratulations, Erin Hayes!Erin has been recognized for her “instrumental” role “in supporting publishing and open access initiatives”. …2014/05/01uncategorized2014-05-01 08:11:15
Improved Search Results for Library WebsiteWe’ve removed news items from the search results on the Library website and added entries …2014/04/29uncategorized2014-04-29 15:58:51
Increased Visibility of Library GuidesA Featured Guide and one-click access to See All Guides now resides in the right …2014/04/25uncategorized2014-04-25 17:37:31
Worried about the Heartbleed bug?Check out Ben’s informative post over on Mobilized: http://blogs.library.ucsf.edu/mobilized/2014/04/16/heartbleed-what-you-need-to-know/2014/04/16uncategorized2014-04-16 12:16:43
Improvement to the Library Home PageNotice anything different about library.ucsf.edu? In an effort to make our home page simpler and …2014/04/09eresources, user experience, web2014-04-09 16:24:41
It's All About AudienceBack in February, I posted about the new Web Projects Team and our purpose and …2014/04/04user experience, web2014-04-04 16:50:38
Bookmarklet for EZproxy authenticationIt’s been several months now, but consider this a reminder that it is no longer …2014/03/27authentication, eresources, mobile2014-03-27 10:48:18
Welcome Alexandra Leong!Please join me in welcoming Alexandra to the Industry Documents Digital Library team (otherwise known …2014/03/26uncategorized2014-03-26 16:15:27
UCSF’s 150th Anniversary: Many Faces, One Mission ProjectBe a part of UCSF’s 150th anniversary celebration by joining the “Many Faces, One Mission” …2014/03/24uncategorized2014-03-24 15:05:31
Welcome, Jon JohnsonOn Monday, March 24, Jon Johnson will be joining the CKM as the Lead Developer …2014/03/21uncategorized2014-03-21 15:28:58
Who, Why and How: An Ethnography of the UCSF Library Community.Ever wonder why all those people are wandering around the 3rd floor? Ever wonder just …2014/03/21uncategorized2014-03-21 14:17:32
7 New Reads for your Rainy Day…The Popular Reading Collection on the 3rd floor (in the Living Room) has seven new …2014/03/04uncategorized2014-03-04 15:09:24
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot and James LiptonThis month’s respondent is Mark Bridge, our sorta American / sorta British programmer dude. Q: …2014/03/04uncategorized2014-03-04 12:32:38
Current Topics: Educause Learning Initiative, ALA Midwinter ConferenceJim Munson attended the Educause Learning Initiative 2014 Annual Meeting. “The Educause Learning Initiative is …2014/03/03uncategorized2014-03-03 10:35:34
Jeremy Norman’s bookhistory.netJeremy Norman has launched BookHistory.Net, a series of interactive thematic timelines and maps on topics …2014/02/28uncategorized2014-02-28 11:35:24
Purpose of the UCSF Library Web PresenceAs of the beginning of this month, there is a new Web Projects Team, and …2014/02/26mobile, user experience, web2014-02-26 16:02:07
Current Topics: Society of American Archivists, An Event ApartRachel Taketa attended the Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists (August 2013). Rachel …2014/02/18uncategorized2014-02-18 17:45:49
I’m pleased to announce the Library’s new “Greenlight…I’m pleased to announce the Library’s new “Greenlight Projects” initiative, which will develop staff skills …2014/02/14uncategorized2014-02-14 13:25:40
Greetings January saw the addition of 9 new…Greetings! January saw the addition of 9 new books to the Popular Reading Collection on …2014/02/03uncategorized2014-02-03 09:54:38
10 Questions with Apologies to Bernard Pivot & James LiptonHappy Monday, y’all!  This month’s respondent is Susan Boone, our exceedingly diligent and surprisingly musical …2014/01/27uncategorized2014-01-27 13:26:58
Here’s a selection of nice historic photos from…Here’s a selection of nice historic photos from the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton …2014/01/10uncategorized2014-01-10 18:24:58
SLA-SF/Bay Net Event: Building the Research Library at Web Scale: Perspectives from the Front Line with Heather ChristensonThursday, January 23, 2014, 5:30-8:00pm Please join BayNet at our annual joint meeting with SLA-SF …2014/01/09uncategorized2014-01-09 13:39:35
The year 2013 has come to a close…The year 2013 has come to a close, and I’d like to share a summary …2014/01/07uncategorized2014-01-07 11:15:25
App SantaIf you have a few dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you might want …2013/12/20apps, mobile2013-12-20 12:18:32
New books were added to the 3rd floor…New books were added to the 3rd floor popular reading collection in November! Just a …2013/12/19uncategorized2013-12-19 13:30:57
UC Liaisons revampThe new UC Libraries Advisory Structure, announced in January and launched in July 2013, gave …2013/12/19uncategorized2013-12-19 12:13:27
Congratulations to Erik Ellestad for winning the Ivy…Congratulations to Erik Ellestad for winning the Ivy Room Cocktail Competition. His Chance of Showers …2013/12/18uncategorized2013-12-18 11:53:23
New Meeting GuidelinesIn response to the Employee Engagement survey, there are several action plans in progress. In …2013/12/11uncategorized2013-12-11 16:08:21
Documentary ‘At Berkeley’ takes an uneven look at a campus in crisisfrom (The Daily Californian, Friday, Dec. 6) For a little more than four hours, director …2013/12/06uncategorized2013-12-06 15:55:11
Medical Journal Goes To The Dogs (NPR)For a half-century, JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association, adorned its cover with …2013/12/05uncategorized2013-12-05 12:25:45
Free Chair Massages at Millberry UnionHi Folks – Did you know the campus was offering free, 5-minute chair massages on …2013/12/05uncategorized2013-12-05 12:01:55
Harold Varmus Interview in ScienceVarmus’s Second Act Years after steering the National Institutes of Health into a 5-year budget …2013/12/04uncategorized2013-12-04 16:52:15
Tyrone McCloskey’s JFK art installation up now at Kezar Bar and RestaurantThe UCSF Library’s own Tyrone McCloskey has an incredible art installation up now at Kezar …2013/11/19uncategorized2013-11-19 13:00:24
Can Scholarly Publishing Evolve Beyond the PDF http…Can Scholarly Publishing Evolve Beyond the PDF? http://exchanges.wiley.com/blog/2013/11/11/can-scholarly-publishing-evolve-beyond-the-pdf/ In this video presentation, Gary Spencer, Associate …2013/11/19uncategorized2013-11-19 10:44:36
F1000 Journal Clubs. A New Tool for Running Journal ClubsCL-223. 10:30am Thursday, November 14th Omer Gazit, Head of R&D, F1000 and Kathleen Wets, Publisher …2013/11/12uncategorized2013-11-12 10:07:21
Welcome, Tab McDanielOn Tuesday, November 12, Tab McDaniel will be joining the CKM as a User Experience …2013/11/08uncategorized2013-11-08 16:49:28
EZproxy FAQIt’s been several weeks now since the library began using EZproxy for off campus access …2013/10/21uncategorized2013-10-21 10:11:23
Welcome our Newest Learning Technologies SpecialistI am very pleased to welcome Liz Taylor to the Library and the Learning Technologies …2013/10/21uncategorized2013-10-21 09:07:25
Getting off the Island: Collaborating to Create Boundless CollectionsOctober 15, 2013. 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Free. Online Join OCLC and our event …2013/10/11uncategorized2013-10-11 13:49:06
New Books Added to the Popular Reading Collection!Do you want to read the latest Stephen King novel but are only #457 on …2013/10/07uncategorized2013-10-07 15:03:42
10 Questions (with apologies to the usual suspects)Our respondent for October is none other than Albert Jew, stalwart member of the systems …2013/10/07uncategorized2013-10-07 12:21:31
Webinars about the NLM Administrative Supplement for Informationists grantsAAHSL (Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries) is sponsoring a series of webinars on the …2013/10/04uncategorized2013-10-04 16:15:52
Welcome back, Kate!Kate Tasker is returning to UCSF Archives & Special Collections to work on a project processing the …2013/10/01uncategorized2013-10-01 14:18:27
Welcome Alexia to the Industry Documents Digital Libraries Team (aka Tobacco Projects)!Please join me in welcoming our new Industry Documents Digital Libraries Assistant, Alexia Helenske-Oakes! She …2013/10/01uncategorized2013-10-01 13:25:14
Current Topics: Photoshop WorldSean Gabriel McClelland attended the Photoshop World conference on September 4-6. His most notable takeaways …2013/09/30uncategorized2013-09-30 17:43:14
What happens when books meet water?Not good a lot of good things, right? Maggie, Polina and I attended Bay Area …2013/09/26uncategorized2013-09-26 09:56:46
The UCSF 25th Annual Faculty and Staff Art…The UCSF 25th Annual Faculty and Staff Art Show (and Sale!) is September 30 – …2013/09/26uncategorized2013-09-26 08:20:29
Check the sidebar of the September 2013 CIVICRM…Check the sidebar of the September 2013 CIVICRM Community Newsletter to read about Jason Hedrick …2013/09/24uncategorized2013-09-24 11:41:44
Welcome Jesse Chairez to the Archives and Special Collections!Please join me in welcoming our new intern Jesse Chairez . He decided to do …2013/09/23uncategorized2013-09-23 08:47:10
EZproxy: A New Way to Access Journals, Databases, and Ebooks from Off CampusEZproxy, which launched this week, is the Library’s new method for access to online resources …2013/09/06uncategorized2013-09-06 17:24:52
10 Questions (with apologies to James Lipton & Bernard Pivot!)Hi folks – our respondent for September is Sarah McClung, our no-longer-quite-so-new Collection Development Librarian. …2013/09/05uncategorized2013-09-05 12:28:19
Current Topics: Portland Moodle MootBrian Warling attended the Portland Moodle Moot in early August. Here are some highlights. Many …2013/09/03uncategorized2013-09-03 11:51:20
Additions to the Popular Reading Collection for AugustSummer over? Back to the grind? Nah. Not if you go for the laughs and …2013/09/03uncategorized2013-09-03 10:07:24
Moodle is dipping its toes into the MOOC…Moodle is dipping its toes into the MOOC pool. Moodle is offering its first MOOC …2013/08/27uncategorized2013-08-27 16:49:46
Archives: New InternPlease join me in welcoming the new Archives and Special Collections intern, René  Radusky! She will …2013/08/22uncategorized2013-08-22 21:26:40
Open to everyone: Webinar on Research Data Curation, Sept. 11 and 18Two webinars on research data curation will be shown on Wednesday, Sept. 11th and Sept. …2013/08/15uncategorized2013-08-15 18:06:27
Sean McClelland's New RoleI am very pleased to announce that Sean McClelland has accepted the Lead Learning Technologies …2013/08/09uncategorized2013-08-09 13:06:51
Milestone Years of ServicePlease join me in congratulating the following Access Services staff for reaching milestones with their …2013/08/06uncategorized2013-08-06 10:35:05
10 Questions (with apologies to James Lipton & Bernard Pivot!)This month we have Quincy McCrary, erstwhile long-haired Daytime Supervisor of Access Services, tackling the …2013/07/30uncategorized2013-07-30 11:58:05
Library Hours Page Has a New LookWe’ve made some changes to the Library Hours page: http://www.library.ucsf.edu/visit/hours This new calendar view should …2013/07/26uncategorized2013-07-26 13:25:54
Welcome, Ben Stever to the Tech CommonsBen Stever Please join me in welcoming Ben Stever to the Tech Commons team, starting …2013/07/25uncategorized2013-07-25 16:20:15
Current Topics: Handheld Librarian Conference, Rare Books School, and ALALeslie Kleinberg viewed the panel discussion “Responsive Web Design,” part of the Handheld Librarian online …2013/07/12uncategorized2013-07-12 17:51:14
Check it out Peggy Tahir is doing a…Check it out. Peggy Tahir is doing a webinar about copyright. It is one of …2013/07/11uncategorized2013-07-11 18:26:15
Please note that we’ve made some changes to…Please note that we’ve made some changes to the Scholarly Publishing area of the website. …2013/07/11uncategorized2013-07-11 14:19:01
New Books in the Popular Reading CollectionNeed a summer read? Lunchtime escapism? Come check out the Popular Reading Collection located on …2013/07/10uncategorized2013-07-10 11:47:52
Welcome Bijan Esfahani to the Archives and Special Collections!Please join me in welcoming our new volunteer Bijan Esfahani. Bijan – MLS AHIP – …2013/06/27uncategorized2013-06-27 12:18:08
Welcome, Alex GowPlease join me in welcoming our summer intern Alex Gow to the Research Services group.   …2013/06/10uncategorized2013-06-10 14:12:38
10 Questions (with apologies to James Lipton & Bernard Pivot)The “questionee” for June is our surfer dude / programmer extraordinaire Jason Hedrick. Any volunteers to …2013/06/07uncategorized2013-06-07 09:28:30
Spot Award Congratulations Marc Lowe To receive thanks…Spot Award: Congratulations, Marc Lowe! To receive thanks for service provided at a Help Desk …2013/06/05uncategorized2013-06-05 13:42:30
Current Topics, 2nd meeting in May: Medical Library Association, Innovative Users Group, and WGEAFour more librarians reported on their recent conference experiences in the long and fascinating post …2013/06/04uncategorized2013-06-04 16:26:39
New Visit MenuYou may have noticed some changes to our web site in the last couple of …2013/05/31user experience, web2013-05-31 10:56:59
Staff Workshop: Build Your Own E-Portfolio Using WordPressOn Thursday, June 13, Ryan Brazell will teach a special workshop for library staff on …2013/05/29uncategorized2013-05-29 13:15:24
UCSF BoxUCSF Box is a Dropbox-like service that has several nice features for UCSF-specific work. Authentication is …2013/05/29uncategorized2013-05-29 09:54:52
Current Topics: Medical Library Association annual meeting and Innovative User Group meetingWith the busy Spring meeting schedule, we’re having 2 Current Topics meetings in May. At …2013/05/23uncategorized2013-05-23 16:30:17
PAWS FOR STUDY BREAK !Hello, staff: As announced in yesterday’s staff meeting, the library is partnering with the Student …2013/05/16uncategorized2013-05-16 10:49:13
There wasn’t time for my brief Desktop update…There wasn’t time for my brief Desktop update at the staff meeting today, so here …2013/05/15uncategorized2013-05-15 13:49:02
Hello everyone I’m getting married for the first…Hello everyone, I’m getting married for the first time in … oh, about 11 days …2013/05/15uncategorized2013-05-15 09:53:00
Shawn Riney shares experience about archival internshipPosted on behalf of Shawn Riney: “Hi everyone. Wednesday is my last day in the UCSF …2013/05/14uncategorized2013-05-14 08:33:55
New Feature – "10 Questions" (with apologies to Bernard Pivot & James Lipton!)We’re starting a new monthly blog feature called “10 Questions” to help library staff get to know each other …2013/05/09uncategorized2013-05-09 11:37:14
Thank you and farewell to Kate Tasker!It’s been six months since Kate joined the Archives. During this time she processed the …2013/05/08uncategorized2013-05-08 09:44:32
Current Topics: Computers in Libraries, CNI, Society of California Archivists, and CourseraLibrary staff provided the scoop on four different professional conferences at last week’s Current Topics …2013/04/30uncategorized2013-04-30 17:46:37
New UCSF Zazzle ProductsThe Library’s Archives & Special Collections staff have dipped into their vault of treasures to …2013/04/29uncategorized2013-04-29 10:36:47
Want to suggest a book for the Popular Reading Collection?Talk to Rachel Taketa and Eric Peterson! As of April 22nd, Rachel and Eric have …2013/04/23uncategorized2013-04-23 12:30:59
Digital Public Library of AmericaThe Digital Public Library of America (http://dp.la/) launched today at 9am PT. It’s an attempt …2013/04/18uncategorized2013-04-18 11:23:48
Welcome, Alberto LunaPlease join me in congratulating Alberto Luna who has recently accepted the position of Mission …2013/04/15uncategorized2013-04-15 12:41:10
You’ve probably heard of TED talks and TEDMED…You’ve probably heard of TED talks, and TEDMED follows a similar vein but with an …2013/04/12uncategorized2013-04-12 19:21:13
Donation of Artwork for FAMRI LibraryWe are excited to announce the donation of another piece of artwork for the Mission …2013/04/11uncategorized2013-04-11 12:13:26
UCSF Japanese Woodblock Print Collection featured on Slate’s The Vault blogSlate’s blog The Vault highlights “historical treasures, oddities, and delights” from around the world wide …2013/03/25uncategorized2013-03-25 12:51:08
Current Topics – Computer-based Assessment, Data Management Plans, and SXSW!This week’s Current Topics session featured 3 reports from staff attending a diverse range of …2013/03/23uncategorized2013-03-23 16:22:28
What to Use Instead of Google Reader?Last week Google announced it will kill Google Reader soon, and the interwebs have been abuzz …2013/03/22uncategorized2013-03-22 16:19:13
Carson Tam Welcomes His Second DaughterCarson Tam and his wife Eva had their second daughter, Shaelyn, on February 8. She …2013/03/04uncategorized2013-03-04 08:19:48
Art Show @ Wix LoungeGot plans on Friday night? Come join me at the Wix Lounge, where I’ll be …2013/02/26uncategorized2013-02-26 10:43:02
Welcome new education and reference librarian Evans Whitaker!I am delighted to welcome a new librarian to the staff, Evans Whitaker, who started …2013/02/04uncategorized2013-02-04 16:33:32
Welcome, Megan LaurancePlease join me in welcoming Megan Laurance as the new Research Informationist. Megan will be …2013/02/01uncategorized2013-02-01 11:43:52
eBooks at UCSF GuideThe Library has had access to large ebook collections beginning with the ground-breaking Springer ebook …2013/01/24uncategorized2013-01-24 09:30:22
Welcome Shawn Riney to the Archives and Special Collections!Please join me in welcoming our new intern Shawn Riney. He will be working in …2013/01/23uncategorized2013-01-23 13:13:11
Thank you to the Coffee Club for reviving…Thank you to the Coffee Club for reviving monthly coffee hours!!!2013/01/18uncategorized2013-01-18 10:51:14
Rebecca Tang Baby AnnouncementIsla (EYE-lah) Tang arrived on January 2nd at 5am, 7 lb 4 oz, 21.5 inches. …2013/01/15uncategorized2013-01-15 09:43:14
Welcome, Sarah McClungPlease join me in welcoming Sarah McClung as the new Collection Development Librarian. Sarah joins …2013/01/14uncategorized2013-01-14 19:11:58
Fun Links from the Holiday PartyA big thanks to Quincy and the holiday committee for putting these together! Hard Rockin’ …2012/12/19uncategorized2012-12-19 17:03:50
Spot Awards: Yay Bea and Alan!Bea Mallek and Alan Daniel were both given Spot Awards this week for their work …2012/12/19uncategorized2012-12-19 12:30:14
New Children’s Book Features the Talents of Dylan RomeroDylan Romero’s considerable graphic design skills are on display in a newly published children’s book: …2012/12/13uncategorized2012-12-13 15:46:16
My UCSF Internship: Spencer Wright“For this past fall, I’ve had the pleasure of working for UCSF in their archives. …2012/12/12uncategorized2012-12-12 13:35:39
Everyone should check out the latest post on…Everyone should check out the latest post on Mobilized. Gift ideas courtesy of Erin Hayes. …2012/12/11uncategorized2012-12-11 09:30:13
Sven Maier and his wife Victoria welcome their…Sven Maier and his wife Victoria welcome their new son, Tristan, born today, December 3, …2012/12/03uncategorized2012-12-03 15:01:24
Welcome Kate Tasker to the Archives and Special Collections!Some of you already met our new Processing Archivist Kate Tasker. For the next six …2012/11/20uncategorized2012-11-20 08:50:35
Please join me in congratulating Tyrone McCloskey Art…Please join me in congratulating Tyrone McCloskey, Art Townsend, and Mark Zanandrea for reaching milestones …2012/10/22uncategorized2012-10-22 14:00:25
New GuidesJust wanted to share a few of the more recent guides that have been added …2012/10/18uncategorized2012-10-18 13:07:22
Congratulations and Thank You to Michelle HenleyMichelle Henley is leaving us as of October 24 to take the position of of …2012/10/18uncategorized2012-10-18 09:00:54
Story of a Digital BookHere’s a link to the video I mentioned that CDL developed that shows the lifecycle …2012/10/17uncategorized2012-10-17 16:00:46
Sharecase HighlightsUCSF held its first Sharecase event last Friday–a one-day conference event to showcase the variety …2012/10/16uncategorized2012-10-16 15:54:03
Welcome back, Steven.I am very pleased to announce that Steven Williams is rejoining the staff of the …2012/10/01uncategorized2012-10-01 10:47:18
Spot Award: Congratulations, Leslie Kleinberg!Leslie was in charge of the project to migrate the Library to a new ticketing …2012/09/25uncategorized2012-09-25 14:11:05
The Library just completed the migration to ServiceNow…The Library just completed the migration to ServiceNow for ticket tracking. Due to the hard …2012/09/21uncategorized2012-09-21 14:24:22
Learning to Thrive in a Culture of ChangeThis recent Library Journal article proposes an approach and highlights the importance of empowering and leveraging …2012/09/20uncategorized2012-09-20 15:31:30
ServiceNow Migration Completed!On Thursday, Sept. 6th, the Library completed the migration of our ticket tracking systems from …2012/09/14uncategorized2012-09-14 15:52:26
Welcome Spencer Wright to the Archives and Special Collections!Please join me in welcoming our new intern Spencer Wright. He selected the UCSF Archives …2012/09/14uncategorized2012-09-14 14:26:54
Welcome Margaret Hughes to the Archives and Special Collections!Please join me in welcoming our new Assistant Archivist Margaret Hughes. In 2011 Maggie graduated …2012/09/11uncategorized2012-09-11 08:38:54
LTG Announces New Email and Web AddressesThe Learning Technologies Group (formerly the Center for Instructional Technology) is pleased to announce that …2012/09/10uncategorized2012-09-10 14:58:34
Reserves Reading on iPadEveryone should be aware that there are now 3 Inkling texts available (starting 9/11) as …2012/09/10uncategorized2012-09-10 11:28:34
Laudable Customer Service: Marc LoweCongratulations and thanks to Marc Lowe for providing excellent customer service. A clinical resident requested …2012/08/29uncategorized2012-08-29 17:18:43
Spot Award: Congratulations, Kathleen Cameron!Recently I nominated Kathleen for a Spot Award for helping me acquire, transport from the …2012/08/06uncategorized2012-08-06 10:19:25
Ebooks Choices and the Soul of LibrarianshipInterested in collection development and the evolution of ebooks? Check out this thought-provoking essay by …2012/07/30uncategorized2012-07-30 13:45:57
I recently added two new classes to the…I recently added two new classes to the Tech Boot Camp schedule — learn more …2012/07/23uncategorized2012-07-23 17:31:35
Spot Award: Congratulations, Albert Jew!Congratulations to Albert Jew on receiving a spot award this week!  Albert received the award …2012/07/18uncategorized2012-07-18 09:16:57
Will this Android tablet make a dent in iPad dominance?Google recently announced a new seven inch tablet that might make some waves. The Nexus …2012/07/05uncategorized2012-07-05 16:52:21
New Responsibilities for Anneliese TaylorOver the past year or so, the Library’s participation in scholarly publishing activities has been …2012/06/25uncategorized2012-06-25 14:19:26
The Library Strategic Plan for 2012-2015 is now…The Library Strategic Plan for 2012-2015 is now available on the wiki. It is a …2012/06/14uncategorized2012-06-14 08:14:39
The California Tobacco Control Web Archive is LiveThe tobacco projects group has been working on a new web archiving project, the California …2012/06/13uncategorized2012-06-13 10:04:34
Congratulations to Kirk Hudson on his 6th AIDS/LifeCycle RideKirk Hudson has just completed his 6th AIDS/LifeCycle fundraising ride from San Francisco to Los …2012/06/12uncategorized2012-06-12 10:35:39
Library SnapshotWhat goes on during a typical day at the UCSF Library? To find out, Erin …2012/06/06uncategorized2012-06-06 17:48:35
Congratulations to Jeff Codori on the Publication of His BookWe have another author amongst the Library staff! Jeff Codori new book was recently published, …2012/06/05uncategorized2012-06-05 16:56:00
Welcome Dylan Romero to the Learning Technologies GroupI am very pleased to announce that Dylan Romero has joined the Library’s Learning Technologies …2012/05/30uncategorized2012-05-30 16:46:48
Podcasts, anyone?Check out the newest Mobilized post, “Podcast Managers for iOS.” If you enjoy podcasts and …2012/05/29uncategorized2012-05-29 13:32:20
Transition from FootPrints to ServiceNowAs you may have heard, we are moving off of FootPrints to ServiceNow for our …2012/05/25uncategorized2012-05-25 22:14:30
BIG Open Access News“The unanimous vote of the faculty senate makes UCSF the largest scientific institution in the …2012/05/24uncategorized2012-05-24 10:31:08
Parnassus Library – Extended Hours for Spring 2012 FinalsStarting Wednesday, May 30th, the Parnassus Library will observe the following extended hours to assist …2012/05/18uncategorized2012-05-18 14:12:55
Spring/Summer Issue of EVCP Digest Is OutHighlights from the various EVCP units, including some from the Library. http://evcprovost.ucsf.edu/digest.html Thanks Leslie for …2012/05/15uncategorized2012-05-15 10:10:37
Project Complete: staff blogIf you’re reading this, you’re already aware that the new blog for staff communication is …2012/05/14uncategorized2012-05-14 17:06:59
Josephine Tan Moves OnLibrarian extraordinaire, Josephine Tan, has decided to leave us after almost 7 years at UCSF. …2012/05/11uncategorized2012-05-11 16:39:43
I have a painting in the upcoming 2nd…I have a painting in the upcoming, 2nd CSU Stanislaus Biennial Alumni Art Show, at …2012/05/09uncategorized2012-05-09 18:26:56
Welcome to Off the Shelf – the UCSF Library staff blog!Thanks, everyone, for helping to name the staff blog. After two rounds of voting, Off …2012/05/08uncategorized2012-05-08 07:00:54
Welcome, Rebecca Tang, New CKM EmployeeRebecca Tang has joined the Application Development group in the CKM. Rebecca will be working …2012/05/04uncategorized2012-05-04 15:57:00
Tips for Dealing with Email OverloadThe UCSF Communicators group held a brown bag lunch to discuss strategies for dealing with …2012/05/02uncategorized2012-05-02 16:25:43