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  • Dylan Romero

    Dylan Romero 2:47 pm on October 3, 2017 Permalink |
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    Welcome Makers Lab Technician, Jenny Tai! 

    Picture of Jenny Tai

    You may remember that I introduced new Makers Lab staff member Jenny Tai back in April on Off the Shelf. Well, I am excited to announce that Jenny has accepted the Makers Lab Technician position and will be working full-time in the Makers Lab starting this week. Jenny will help ensure the equipment in the Makers Lab is running smoothly and will also support UCSF-maker projects, including the upcoming Mobile Makers Lab service.

    Jenny has already contributed to the Makers Lab in a number of ways. One example is her very popular infographic on Makers Lab usage that was featured on the Library home page this summer.

    Jenny is a great fit for the Makers Lab Technician position with her background in Cognitive Science, Human-Computer Interaction from UC San Diego, where she worked on user experience and wayfinding projects in addition to other maker endeavors as an avid user of UCSD’s makerspace.

    In her spare time Jenny enjoys drawing and design using both traditional and digital media, good sci-fi horror, and being nostalgic over 90’s animation.

    Join me in welcoming Jenny to the Library, this time as the Makers Lab Technician. Jenny will soon be located in the CKM and you will also be able to find her supporting innovative and creative projects in the Makers Lab, so please stop by and say hi!

    Wonder what’s going on in the Makers Lab? Check out a few projects and events from the past few months on Google Photos.

  • Dylan Romero

    Dylan Romero 11:09 am on July 19, 2017 Permalink |
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    Now Hiring: Makers Lab Technician 

    The Library is hiring for a Makers Lab Technician position. If you know of anyone with experience in educational technology with an emphasis on emerging tech, design, or crafts, please encourage them to apply. The full-time position will provide technical support for the Makers Lab, guiding UCSF community members to use technologies to conceptualize and construct innovative maker-related projects.

    The position can be found on UCSF Careers by searching for “Makers Lab Technician” or Req Number 47609BR. (More …)

  • Kemi Amin

    Kemi Amin 10:30 am on July 10, 2017 Permalink |
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    Library Staff Summer Jamboree 

    A friendly reminder to register for the Library Staff Summer Jamboree by this week Thursday, July 13. The Library staff event will take place on Thursday, July 20 from 12 – 2 pm in the Lange Room & Terrace, 5th floor (mark your calendars!).


    We are also encouraging staff to submit at least one testimonial sharing one sentence about someone or something that you are grateful for at the Library. So far we have received some really great acknowledgments of staff and services and we look forward to receiving more from you.

    Your submissions can refer to a colleague within your working group or in another group, an initiative, a resource, or a service within the Library. You can submit as many testimonials as you like through Monday, July 17.


  • Anneliese Taylor

    Anneliese Taylor 12:46 pm on June 16, 2017 Permalink |
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    UCSF Library’s eScholarship Site 

    The Library now has a departmental space on eScholarship, UC’s institutional repository. Departmental spaces – also called academic units or research units on eScholarship – are designed to showcase a unit’s scholarly output. All content in eScholarship is openly accessible to anyone, anywhere online, and is discoverable via search engines.

    Our space has three series:

    1. Posters
    2. Presentations
    3. Publications

    If you’ve presented a poster or talk at a professional meeting, this year or in the past, or have published works, please submit them so that they can be shared with the world! If you’ve already deposited published works in eScholarship, let me know; they can be cross-listed and linked from the Library’s site as well.

    To make a submission, you’ll need an eScholarship account. See the Submission Guidelines, then click the “Submit Paper to this Unit” button from http://escholarship.org/uc/ucsflibrary and select the series.

    You can either upload your file or link to another freely accessible location for it. Use either the Paper/Article or Book/Chapter form for any file type that contains text, to ensure that it gets OCR’d. Non-textual is for multimedia files.  After you’ve approved your submission, I’ll get pinged to review and release it. See the user guide and video tutorial for additional guidelines.

    If you’d like another series added, please let me know. Also, a note that eScholarship will see a complete redesign late this summer, so expect it to look much nicer soon!

    • Sarah McClung

      Sarah McClung 2:40 pm on June 16, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Should our submissions be limited to work we’ve done since we started working at UCSF?

      • Anneliese Taylor

        Anneliese Taylor 3:15 pm on June 16, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Good question. Yes, eScholarship is meant for the work of UC employees, so it should be limited to your work while at UCSF.

  • Kemi Amin

    Kemi Amin 3:08 pm on May 23, 2016 Permalink |
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    Meet Michelle McNeil 

    Marketing & Communications Assistant Michelle McNeil

    Marketing & Communications Assistant Michelle McNeil


    In this recording, I interview the Marketing & Communications Assistant Michelle McNeil who started her position at the Library on Monday, February 29. Since her start, Michelle has been a great marketing and communications collaborator, from posting calendar listings to working with me on marketing strategies, and everything in between. Michelle will be with us through the end of June.

    Since this formal Off the Shelf introduction is a bit late (okay, a lot late!), I decided to do something different and interview Michelle podcast style. Enjoy!




    Illustration by Michelle’s McNeil >

    Books mentioned:
    Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill by Matthieu Ricard
    Design as Art by Bruno Munari


    • Anneliese Taylor

      Anneliese Taylor 5:43 pm on May 23, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Great drawing, Michelle! We’re glad to have you here.

  • Kemi Amin

    Kemi Amin 10:55 am on September 16, 2015 Permalink |
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    THE MAKERSPACE: We’re Making It Happen 

    Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.23.29 AM

    Image by Beatrice Mallek


    Start with Why
    It started with an email sent to Jim Munson about Makerspaces, which led to a BAYNET meeting where MakerSpaces were discussed and finally, Jim’s aha moment – attending the Bay Area Maker Faire.

    When Jim had the opportunity to experience the makerspace concept in action at the Maker Faire, it all became clear: A MakerSpace cultivates exploration, experiential learning and community.

    Experiential learning is the process through which students, faculty and staff alike develop knowledge, skills and values from the direct experiences outside of a traditional academic setting.

    Once Jim grasped this concept, there  was one question he knew he would have to answer before moving forward. . .


    What is a Makerspace?
    A Makerspace is a place where people gather to create, invent, and learn. It is also a space for people to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build things and community.

    We expect that the Library MakerSpace will ignite a sense of exploration, creativity and fun that many of us experienced in our younger years as we learned while playing with toys like Erector sets. With a dynamic variety of tools, equipment and supplies ranging from simple to complex.


    From a Makerspace to the MakerSpace
    The MakerSpace committee was formed in November 2014 and included folks from many different teams in the Library. After we decided that we wanted to create a makerspace in the Library, we began the planning process. We’ve held 8+ meetings and 4 pop-up makerspace sessions and we took a field trip to the autodesk workshop in San Francisco to check out potential tools and technology. 
    The pop-ups took place over the past year, here in the Library at Parnassus and at Mission Bay.  The sessions included “Valentines for Seniors” where we invited staff to use arts and crafts supplies to create cards for local senior citizens (10 staff attendees); “Think +Play + Solve,” where we tinkered with Arduinos, which is a programmable circuit board and software, at Parnassus and Mission Bay (21 attendees combined); and “Think + Play + Knit” (10 attendees), where we participated together in learning the basics of knitting. 
    The committee participated in a design thinking session led by TabMcDaniel, a member of the Library’s web design team.  In this session we worked through a number of different user scenarios and discussed the logistics of the space. The session helped us create a list of possible tools and technology we’d want in the space and helped us develop proposals regarding staffing and hours. The design session occurred after the popups, so we were able to integrate what we had learned from real world user interactions into the design planning.


    Location, Location, Location
    Where should the Makerspace be located? Well, where better than on the 3rd floor near the Living Room? Picture an open area with a casual setting where faculty, student and staff can co-mingle, share ideas and collaborate freely. The space itself would be located inside Room 345.  We envision equipping the space with some Arduinos and Raspberry Pis for those who are interested in learning and experimenting more with electronics.  Possibly, a 3D printer or two, a CNC router and laser cutter. But it isn’t limited to technical equipment only, the MakerSpace will also incorporate elements of play, such as a Lego set and an assortment of arts and crafts supplies.  We look forward to activities taking place outside of the MakerSpace and into the Living Room, and continuing its reach into labs, offices, classrooms and beyond.


    Next Steps. . .
    In the near future we will send out communication on how to get involved with the MakerSpace. Today, we need a name for the space and we want to hear from you! In the comments below please share your name ideas for the Library MakerSpace. We look forward to reading what you come up with!
    • Kemi Amin

      Kemi Amin 9:46 am on September 16, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Library MakerSpace
      The Workshop
      Tink Tank

    • Beatrice Mallek 12:11 pm on September 16, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      S.T.E.A.M. Room – The signage itself can be fashioned with the very equipment (CNC routers or laser cutter) that will be installed inside the space. The letters STEAM would be arranged vertically. An Arduino controlled laser light would project the meaning of each letter, spelling out science, technology, engineering, arts and math/medicine behind each letter.

      S cience
      T echnology
      E ngineering
      A rts
      M ath / medicine


      Because steam is a form of energy and in this context it that can help fuel creativity.

    • Alan Daniel

      Alan Daniel 12:53 pm on September 16, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Space U Make

    • Alan Daniel

      Alan Daniel 1:53 pm on September 16, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I suggest a Lego table for Legos, which typically consists of four large plates mounted on top of a table of similar area.

    • Lisa Leiva 10:18 am on September 17, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Innovation Studio

    • Dylan Romero

      Dylan Romero 12:48 pm on September 17, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Here are a few suggestions:

      Maker Hub
      Maker Lab
      Collab Lab

    • Tab McDaniel

      Tab McDaniel 2:59 pm on September 21, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      +1 for MakerSpace … I’m a big fan of calling things what they are, and I like the link to Making and Makers
      +1 for The Workshop
      +1 for PlayRoom
      Rec Room

    • Jim Munson

      Jim Munson 8:39 am on September 25, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      +1 for Rec Room
      +1 for Tink Tank
      The Sandbox
      Scratch Space
      Test Farm

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